Strength Energy-Living Foods Awaken The Life You Yourself

A few years back I was working for a bank in Paris. I had been interested in natural health for a long time thus reading many books, and attending several courses on natural therapies. While in Quebec, I came across the work of Ann Wigmore. The book was different from what I had read before and somehow immediately spoke to me. Ann’s work was not well known in France in those days and finding information was not easy. Later I decided to study naturopathy and attended a conference held by Brian Clement in Paris in Nov. 2000 which heightened my interest in the Hippocrates philosophy.

I eventually chose to quit my banking career in 2001. At forty, I had reached a stage in my life whereby I was ready to make real changes and allow my passions and values to meet my professional life. This led me to work in holistic health, helping people and the earth. My objective was to start as a professional health consultant but I felt my naturopathic education would not be complete unless I learned more about the Hippocrates program.

I applied for the Hippocrates Health Educator Program and was accepted in March 2002. Attending classes gave me a real insight into living foods but more importantly experiencing the program for myself made me realize more than ever before to what extent what you eat influences who you are. When you eat living foods you awaken to the life in yourself. Within two months of going through a deep detox, and reshaping and enjoying vibrant energy, I found myself more confident, positive and more willing to create the life that really corresponds with my deepest beliefs.

Here I am back in Paris and fully engaged in my naturopathic project which has been greatly enriched with what I have brought home from Hippocrates. I am now a health consultant organizing workshops and assisting people. My wish now is to share what was given to me with those looking for guidance for a full transition to natural living foods and a more fulfilling lifestyle.


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Hope can't be manufactured from external sources. Instead, it has to develop from within. Hippocrates helps to nurture one's ability to manifest the strength to hope not by making any promises, but by gently educating one into making substantial life changes that allow the body to heal.

James Margolis