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At Hippocrates, we see miracles happen every day. Here you’ll find personal stories of recovery and triumph, as well as helpful insight on various topics from experts in their field. We hope you’ll be inspired by what you read and welcome you to share your story with us so others can be inspired by your success.

The articles below focus on the following:

Recovery (173 Articles)

Personal accounts from Hippocrates alumni about their journey and triumph over health challenges including cancer, pain, arthritis and more.

Nutrition (177 Articles)

Articles from experts on topics concerning optimum nutrition such as wheatgrass, weight loss, a vegan lifestyle and more.

Well-Being (183 Articles)

Advice from experts on keeping a sound mind and body with physical fitness, yoga, mind/body therapies and more.

Supplements (41 Articles)

Expert insight on proper supplementation, including vitamins, supplements for women, cleansers and more.

Environment (36 Articles)

Articles from experts on environmentally-based challenges, including fish toxins, pollution, pesticides and more.

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The Train to Hell and Back Breast Cancer

Posted in Recovery on Jan 7

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