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November 15, 2016

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HOST: Institute of Holistic Nutrition
LOCATION: Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites

175 Wynford Dr, North York, ON M3C 1J3
SESSION: Tuesday Nov 15, 2016
DOORS OPEN: 5:00 pm

TIME: 6:00 pm sharp – 9:30pm

FEE: $25 + HST

First come, first serve! IHN alumni and students, consider registering by Monday October 17 to guarantee a seat. This lecture will open to other practitioners shortly after that date. To attend the event email your interest + phone number to:allanah@instituteofholisticnutrition.com
Allanah will confirm your seat by email next week!

Passionate. Controversial. Progressive. Since 1956, Brian Clement PhD, LN and the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), along with a few other organizations worldwide, have maintained that an uncooked, organic, plant-based diet is the most effective path to superior health. HHI  has conducted hundreds of in-house observational studies on thousands of individuals that affirm this core principle. Join Brian in an exclusive practitioner level evening to challenge our understanding of how living nutrition continues to evolve. More and more scientific data is emerging to support HHI’s findings: that the essence of true healing rests in food’s life force. The destructive nature of high heat on the living cells of plants, where many chemical changes occur, causes dramatic reductions in nutritional levels and harmful electromagnetic charges. Brian will speak to how radically different the Hippocrates raw food living diet is to other raw food diets currently being administered as part of the natural health practitioner arsenal.

You will hear Brian’s concise and unique portrayal of the four most powerful elements that define living food’s energy and nutrition. Specifically, how they contains within them the electromagnetic frequencies for precise cellular and energetic language to direct proper biology and attain profound health. He asserts that, “food which best represents the sun’s energy in plants along with the removal of stress and the degradation of the planet would allow us to begin living to our prerequisite 140!”

His entertaining and powerful delivery has him share both evidence-based, long-standing and current research along with a database of extraordinary information from his clinical experience in the 57 years he has run HHI and how it has become an organization with the highest rates of reversing catastrophic disease.

Brian will also delve into the subject of quantum human biology. He will explain the future of biology and how it is based upon frequency more than the matter based principals currently employed. He will explain how he and HHI have employed noninvasive, cold laser  and electromagnetic therapies along with electrically charged living food to fight the premature aging process, promote life extension and raise the body out of disease—and into longevity. To do this, Brian and HHI’s philosophies eliminate the fabricated theory that there is a beginning and an end. Our need to create the perception of solidity forced us to remove ourselves from the energy and balance of all other planetary biology, elements and structure. He also believes that a simple but deep dance between science and spirituality will bring us back to the basics.

Brian may touch on some of the relentless controversies that he and HHI have endured. He has overcome remarkable odds to achieve global recognition of his work at public, industry and academic levels. He deeply believes that we must stop being swayed by cultural abnormalities and remove the allopathic medical influence and commodification of the natural health principles and believe in yourself—without doubt—to make contributions to humanity. He is passionate about sharing that, “once you like yourself enough you’ll never deviate from doing the right thing. It is what will make you unstoppable.”

Brian travels worldwide to speak to both allopathic and complementary medicine medical professionals as well as the public. His lectures, while clearly couched in a plant-based diet, hold valuable and insightful information for those practicing in any eating principles. IHN is more than pleased to host Brian Clement in what will be a provocative lecture for clinical holistic nutritionists and their colleagues in alternative medicine.

Other points of interest that may be part of the lecture:

• How to prevent pre-mature aging, disease and resulting unhappiness.
• Raw food and cancer.

• Living foods, physical and spiritual transformative qualities

• What you don’t know about current “lab made” supplement formulas vs whole food supplements.
Dealing with disease, cancer, serious Illness and the possibility of miracles.

• Dangerous chemicals like fluoride and mercury can do to your body.

• Killer clothes: what you are wearing may shorten your life and impact your health.


Doors open at 5:00 pm.
Come early to mingle with friends and colleagues as well as purchase Brian Clement’s books. Have them signed by Brian, personally! He will be available until 5:40 pm before his pre-prep for the lecture.Enjoy refreshments!
6:00 pm – Introduction to Dr. Clement by IHN’s Director of Nutrition Studies, Elizabeth Papadopoulos
7:30 pm – Short break, final book purchases and “Doctor Days” 3-Day Immersion Experience at HHI overview
9:30 pm – Lecture ends with what will likely be a lively Q&A!

Door Prizes for Attendees:

You have a chance to win 1 of 6 signed copies of Brian Clement’s books as door prizes!
Everyone who attends may sign up for a free 1 year subscription to the Hippocrates Healing Our World magazine.
Everyone who attends will be given access to a special online Hippocrates Lifestyle mini course.

More About Doctor Days:

Hippocrates Health Institute runs a complimentary program at select times throughout the year. They welcome both alternative and allopathic healthcare professionals for a comprehensive 3 day experience. Advanced lectures by Hippocrates experts, fitness and wellness programs, healing and relaxation facilities, a selection of treatments and of course the daily, organic, raw cuisine buffet, green drinks and more are shared at no cost for qualified practitioners. This does not include flights or accommodations. This full training and discovery program supports a deeper knowledge of how the principles at Hippocrates can be applied to one’s practice and opens the doors to those wanting to understand what the complete 3 week program can do for clients/patients. Doctor Days facilitator, Caroline Bryan, will be on site to discuss eligibility of clinical nutritionists.


IHN was able to secure a lecture with Brian while he was in town for a few days. His team looks for hosts who are able to support his ability to educate on a large scale. Before we can offer a video of the evening, we are looking to encourage attendance with 150-200 practitioners. Seats will first be open to IHN graduates and students—until October 17, 2016. After that the seats will be available to graduates of other programs as well as any alternative and complimentary health care professionals. Video link will be available for $25 + HST only if in person capacity is reached and there is enough interest to hire the video guy! Email julia@instituteofholisticnutrition.com to get your name on the list for video. Julia will let you know by October 17 if a video recording will be available.


November 15, 2016
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