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HED Program Alumni

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Graduates of the Health Educator Program have put their HED experience to use in many ways.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our alumni and feel that each person who enters the program has unlimited potential. 

Class of Fall 2011

Jacqueline Pascual, Union City, CA
I am starting a raw vegan Mexican delivery service in Las Vegas, NV.

Rosie Tait, Gateshead, UK
I completed the Health Educators course in the Fall of 2011. Since then I have done some further training and I am now in the process of setting up a business called Living High. I hope to offer detox packages in a variety of formats. I am also in the process of arranging a raw food stall at a local farmers market. The Hippocrates Program will form the basis of my detox packages. I have also done some coaching based on the program. In addition I teach yoga and I am a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist.

Marty Hall Landau, Palm Beach, FL
The day I graduated I was hired to be part of the Guest Service Tearn. I worked with Kathryn for almost a year and while I was working at HHI I realized there was a missing piece for the Life Transformation Program. I prepared a business plan, which I shared with Anna Maria and she gave it to Brian. He called me in to his office and I now am managing the salon on campus. I love that I can support the program with the knowledge from the Health Educator Program and all the experience in the Guest Service Department along with my passion of 40 some years in the beauty industry. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Class of Winter 2012

Alida Lopez Parada, Mexico City, Mexico
I give lectures about enzymes and detox and nutritional programs (consulting). I teach raw food kitchen classes, sell Life Give products from HHI and raw vegan desserts. I am starting to create a Raw Vegan Ice Cream to sell it in super markets, so I can have my own brand of Ice Cream since we don't have that in Mexico in the whole country.

Kent Lawrence, New Hampshire, USA
I am living mostly raw, growing shoots and sprouts and wheatgrass, and teaching community classes at my local library. Then as the topic comes up in conversation I bring up the living plant diet as HHI practices. Aylin Filliba, Santa Monica, California I am living in Santa Monica, after the HED program I started a raw food chef certification in Matthew Kenney's school will be taking the level 2 soon. Currently I am in the process of writing a blog about health and raw food prep. I am also working with someone who has been to HHI, he found me through the institute and it has been great. I am hoping for more customers.

Class of Summer 2012

Marisa Silverstein, New Jersey, USA
I have started a heath coaching practice,, and am a member of Luz Delia's Dream Team working on expanding Well-Being world wide­

Laura A. Bushey, M.A., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
I am a certified Raw Food chef and health coach, helping people transform their lives, this is my website where you can get more information on my business:

Lolita Skripko, Oceanside, NY
Since the Summer 2012 Program I have been an HHI Referral Agent, LifeGive Wholesaler, Assistant Manager at Juice Press & most importantly: role model to friends and family.

Constanza Vergara, Colombia
I'm producing wheatgrass and sprouts for people and a restaurant. I have given three work shops about living food

Class of Fall 2012

Cisem Cakir, Turkey
I am now directing Gardens of Babylon's Health Center, setting up anew Raw Food Detox program. I am teaching the chefs the new techniques and how to set up a raw food kitchen. We also have a detox specialist here, and we are working together, she is promoting Master Detox(fasting with liquids). So we offer two different kinds of detox and it is going well so far. Still we need a lot of advertising, which we will be working more on that this year.

Betsy Sheehy, West Palm Beach, FL
Right now I am working on the beginning stages of opening the raw food restaurant, which will be a long time in the making- lucky to have it opened and running by this June 2013

Maya Yasur, Boca Raton, FL
Following the Health Educator program I decided that I wanted to stay involved and continue evolving as a part of the Hippocrates Health Institute. I am currently working at the front desk at the Oasis therapy center in Hippocrates and am honored to continue being a part of this organization as I experience first hand how it changes lives on a daily basis.

Jack Cross, Australia
I am currently working on the Oasis cruise line as a nutritionist and fitness instructor, helping people transform their bodies and health"

Dianna Castillo, Vashon, Washington
I have continues my work as a an Energy Healer, and now incorporate the knowledge I gained form the Health Educator program about the healing powers of raw and living foods.

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Download An Application

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Let's Get Started...

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Start Dates 2014-2015

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HED 2014 Schedule


9 wk Begins

6 wk Begins



Sun., Sept. 14

Sun., Oct. 5

Sat. Nov. 15

HED 2015 Schedule


9 wk Begins

6 wk Begins



Sun., Feb. 1

Sun., Feb. 22

Sat. Apr. 4


Sun., June 7

Sun., June 28

Sat. Aug. 8


Sun., Sept. 13

Sun., Oct. 4

Sat. Nov. 14

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The Health Educator Program is a 9 week program with three options for you to consider:

Option A :

  • The 3 week Educational Segment of the Life Transformation Program1
  • The 6 week Hippocrates Health Educator Classroom Component
  • Total cost for tuition = $9,445.00*

Option B:

  • The 3 week Full Hippocrates Life Transformation Program2
  • The 6 week Hippocrates Health Educator Classroom Component
  • Total cost for tuition= $13,819 * (on campus accommodations available for the 3 week LTP portion at an additional price)

Option C: (3 week Life Transformation Program graduates only)

  • The 6 week Hippocrates Health Educator Classroom Component
  • Total cost for tuition = $8,155.00*

*Tuition does not include housing and is subject to change. All health educators are required to find housing off campus which they secured separately. A list of details and pictures of housing opportunities are available in the HED Applicant folder and can range anywhere from $180/week to $485/week. Many of these housing opportunities are within biking distance and a few are within walking distance. Some even offer a car as part of the agreement.

1The 3 week Educational Segment of the Life Transformation Program is for those prospective students who wish to immerse themselves in the living foods lifestyle and understand it through mind, body and spirit. The tuition will include:

  • Our living food/vegan buffet (7 days/wk), green juices (2x/day) and access to wheatgrass (daily).
  • Access to the amenities on our 50 acre property which includes infrared saunas, exercise classes, reflexology stream, labyrinth and healing pools.
  • Lectures held within each session

The tuition for the Educational Segment excludes:

  • Personal attention from our medical staff
  • Blood work with consultation
  • Mind/body assessment with our psychotherapists
  • Massage
  • Colonics

2The 3 week Full Life Transformation Program is for those prospective students who are looking to experience the cutting edge personal health-oriented attention available at the Institute while immersing themselves in the living foods lifestyle and coming to understand it through the mind, body and spirit. Our Program Counselors can share the details of what the tuition for this option includes at:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 561-471-8876 x2177

During the 6 week Classroom Component you will experience a global like minded community, engage your mind, body and spirit in health and wellness, intern in the raw kitchen and organic garden and have exposure to a variety of presentations on:

  1. Living foods lifestyle (understanding, preparation and growing) - 50% of the curriculum
  2. Complementary therapies (support for the Living Foods lifestyle) - 30% of the curriculum
  3. Personal and business development (support to empower self awareness and growth) - 20% of the curriculum
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Who Attends Our Program

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Sample Demographics 

Here's a profile of our Spring 2014 Health Educators: 

A. HED9: 80% of class (Participated in Life Transformation Program and HED Classes)
B. HED6: 20% of class (Graduates of the three-week Life Transformation Program who returned for HED certification)

C. Class Size: Low 30s (subject to change)

D. Age Range: 19 to 73; Average Age= 43.6

E. Life Experiences: Linguistics, Engineer, Raw Food Chefs, Development Manager, Energy Healing, Journalist, Belly Dancer, Naturopathy student, Nursing, Equestrian, Potter, Massage, Scuba diving, Graphics, Home school teacher, Carpenter, Music Composer, and more.

F. Gender: 6 Males, 25 Females

G. Diversity:

1. Africa & Middle East (1)

a. Egypt

2. Asia & Pacific (2)

a. Japan, Australia

3. Latin America (2)

a. Mexico, Colombia

4. Europe (5)

a. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom

5. North America & Caribbean (8)

a. Bermuda, Canada, District Columbia, Massachusetts, Montana, New York,Hawaii, Virginia, and Florida: (Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Palm City, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Winter Park)


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For thirty (30) years Hippocrates has been training Certified Hippocrates Health Educators by providing the tools and knowledge of the Hippocrates Health Institute's 50+ years of experience. The program allows students to meet and network with successful Raw and Living Foods Health Educators and Premier Health Experts in the complementary health care field. Becoming a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator is a perfect way to launch a career in the rapidly growing field of Raw and Living Foods and complementary health care.

The program consists of two (2) parts:

1. First, the Hippocrates' signature three (3) week Life Transformation Program, which offers practical knowledge of raw and living foods, detoxification protocols and therapies that lay the foundation for the six (6) week academic portion of the certification program. Please review the Tuition page for more details. 
2. Second, the following six (6) weeks is a classroom and workshop based academic curriculum which is comprised of a dynamic education in the raw and living vegan foods lifestyle, nutrition and complementary health care modalities to support our students in becoming effective and empowered Hippocrates Certified Health Educators.

During the six week component you will experience a global like minded community, engage your mind, body and spirit in health and wellness, intern in the raw kitchen and organic garden and have exposure to a variety of presentations on:

  1. Living foods lifestyle (understanding, preparation and growing)  -  50% of the curriculum
  2. Complementary therapies (support for the Living Foods lifestyle) -  30% of the curriculum
  3. Personal and business development (support to empower self awareness and growth) -  20% of the curriculum

Students are taught the specifics of the Hippocrates lifestyle, offering personal and career experiences in three main areas: living foods nutrition; personal discovery and strength with realized self-actualization; and cutting-edge complementary therapies. A sampling of the lessons from the varied curriculum includes:

  • Ancient and Current Self-Help Techniques
  • Iridology
  • Reflexology
  • Skin Care Detox
  • Quantum Biology
  • Aromatherapy
  • The Bio Chemistry of Living Foods
  • Bio Frequency Testing
  • Holistic Lifestyles in Practice
  • Proper Supplementation

Presenters vary from leaders in the field of health like Brian and Anna Maria Clement (Living Food), Viktoras Kulvinskas (Enzymes),Dr. Ellen Tart Jensen (lridology), and Laura Norman (Reflexology) to members of our HHI staff like Executive Chef Ken Blue and Master Gardener Brian Hetrich to various other facilitators of healthful living.


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Health Educator Program

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The Hippocrates Health Educator Program (HED) provides an extensive learning experience about the practice and teachings of the living foods lifestyle, inspired by Hippocrates’ wisdom, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” The nine-week program not only provides students with a concise introduction to the health benefits of a raw, plant-based diet, but involves complementary therapies and related disciplines that are essential to a healthy and well-rounded approach to life, as well as a career path to help others take responsibility for their lives.

Some HED participants are healthcare professionals such as therapists, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists and physicians, while others come from non-health related fields. All students, however, share a deep regard for health and nutrition and begin their education with the three-week HHI Life Transformation Program. During this time, students detoxify physically, mentally and emotionally, and recharge their bodies for the weeks that follow.

The next six weeks of the HED program consist of a rigorous class schedule Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM. In addition, students have assigned reading, studying and project work, resulting in at least one final presentation, as well as a personal life or business plan outlining their desired career path. In addition, students also have the opportunity to intern in both the greenhouse and the kitchen, learning by practice the fundamentals of a raw lifestyle.

To date, the program has graduated students from 27 countries, many of whom are currently involved in nutritional counseling services, fitness centers, sprouting and farming businesses, and a wide variety of humanitarian causes around the globe.



To establish the Hippocrates Health Educator Certification Program as a
global leader in educating and empowering truth seekers to become
active participants in bringing health and wellness to the world.


To provide an educational space in which each student finds connection
to and expression of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness
gained through knowledge, skills and experience with a raw and living
foods lifestyle.

What our guests say

Hope can't be manufactured from external sources. Instead, it has to develop from within. Hippocrates helps to nurture one's ability to manifest the strength to hope not by making any promises, but by gently educating one into making substantial life changes that allow the body to heal.

James Margolis

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