health-educator-program-presentThe Health Educator Program consists of two parts: The three-week Life Transformation Program, which is a pre-requisite, followed by the six-week Health Educator Program.  Tuition for the nine-week program is $9,445.   For individuals who are graduates of the three-week Life Transformation program, tuition for the 6-week Health Educator Program is $8,155.

The cost of travel and accommodations are not included in the program; limited off-campus housing is available. Tuition includes:

  • The nine-week program includes the three-week Hippocrates Life Transformation Program and  six weeks of  Health Educator Program–specific curriculum and lectures.
  • Class schedule is Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Guest speakers and presenters are also offered in the evenings and on occasional weekends of the initial three week Life Transformation Program.
  • Breakfast Cereal, and two organic raw vegan buffet meals every day on the Hippocrates campus.
  • Wheatgrass and green juice consumed throughout the day.
  • Use of our healing pools, wet and dry saunas and reflexology stream all located on our beautiful 50 acre property.