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Building a Resilient Lifestyle 17 Sep 2021 • 13 min read

Responsibility is probably the most important and the hardest to work towards. It stands for taking full responsibility for our choices and values in our lives.

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How to Embrace Transformative Beliefs 18 Jun 2021 • 19 min read

Understanding that my beliefs unpin my emotions and my emotions are a guidance system to help me move away from negative energy and towards resilience helps me to pause and allow time for ease and ...

Isabelle CALON Testimonials
A Deeper Understanding of Optimum Health 26 May 2021 • 23 min read

My journey lead me to the Hippocrates Health Institute in pursuit of a  deeper understanding of optimum health, and how to practice this way of  life, and assimilate what a plant based diet means.

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Life Transformed – Battling Obesity & High Blood Pressure 14 Feb 2020 • 5 min read

Hippocrates gave me my life back in battling obesity, high blood pressure.

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Living, Giving, and Bodybuilding 13 Dec 2019 • 6 min read

Since I was 9 years old I was interested in sports. I got started at that age in gymnastics and very soon I realized that there was something else I needed to do just to have a better performance.

The Miracle Of My Life Testimonials
The Miracle of My Life 20 Sep 2019 • 6 min read

At the age of 12, I became a vegetarian and during my entire life I have been active, eaten a healthy diet, exercised, and stayed fit. I was full of energy, motivated, ambitious, and always on the go. I led a very busy life and had too much on my plate. I found little time to relax or take a vacation. I did not pay too much attention to the overwhelming stress in my life.

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