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31 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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My intuition and persistence definitely saved my life. The tests revealed that the tumor markers and liver values were extremely elevated, so the doctor ordered an ultrasound. Apparently, the liver was full of small tumors. She sent me directly to an MRI, revealing that the cancer had spread to my back and hip. I was told not to walk on my right leg as it could break at any moment, so I used crutches. One week later, I scheduled my first and only chemo session, soon to be followed by a weekend of acute hip surgery to stabilize my leg. I was completely devastated. I did not want to undergo this invasive treatment, but at the time thought it was the only option to regain my health. On the day of the chemo treatment, the orthopedic doctor suggested using radiation to strengthen the bone. Although I had only one chemo treatment, it was a complete disaster. I lost the skin on my hands, got blisters and fungus in my mouth and developed a high fever. I had absolutely no immune defense and was taken to the ER where the horrific word "crisis" was marked on my door. In November of 2003, the oncologist said I would probably not survive past Christmas nor be released from the hospital.

The doctors wanted to give me "nourishing sugar drinks" in the hospital so I wouldn't lose any more weight, but I refused their food. I suddenly remembered reading Ann Wigmore's account of healing herself of cancer by consuming wheatgrass, greens and other live foods. I asked my husband to bring me a thermos of wheatgrass juice, spinach soup, and green kale soup every day, and it worked! I was released from the hospital after only five days. While the doctors never showed interest with the dramatic improvements in my health, it was the nurses who were astounded and curious about my special thermos drinks.

The doctors said there was nothing more they could do for me and gave me morphine to take home. Obviously not the answer I was looking for, I decided to do my own research. I investigated different approaches using alternative medicine. I decided to go to Germany and have treatments of local and whole body hyperthermia (fever), vitamin C infusions, and Dendritic Cell Therapy. After the daily treatments, I practiced two hours of Chan Mi Gong Qigong and then ate. It was an amazing transformation. After this experience I took Qigong education classes in Germany and Austria. I visited my oncologist in Sweden for an MRI. She gave me a very strange look, and said she wanted to tell me something she rarely told anyone in 20 years as an oncologist: my tumors in the liver had decreased and some even disappeared with no activity in the bones. It was incredible!

I continued the treatments in Germany and ate according to Ann Wigmore's live-food nutritional recommendations as much as possible. My alternative doctor was amazed with the results and said he wished he could start a clinic like that in Sweden. "Great! Let's do it! I said," but his response was, "I am just a doctor and cannot do that." But I knew I could do it. I had been working in the marketing field nearly my entire life. I discussed it with my husband and within six months we had Arkadiakliniken, Stora Waesby in Stockholm open and running. It was a wonderful clinic in a serene place and our patients loved it. The results were amazing and we felt like a family. I continued doing my treatments in the clinic, worked with Chan Mi Gong and gave inspirational talks. Life was really quite  beautiful.

For about one year we received a lot of media attention, which was great, until one incident occurred with an oncologist around 2004. He had a patient who recovered in our clinic but decided he did not like our methods of treatment. He insisted that the Swedish Socialstyrelse (similar to the US FDA) visit our clinic after already approving our business. We were forced to close on the spot and either file a complaint or appeal within a month, which we did. It was ridiculous. None of the patients we treated had ever filed a complaint. A professor from Uppsala University clinic was chosen as an expert to evaluate Arkadiakliniken. She documented what we were not doing, yet refused to visit the clinic once, saying she had plenty to read on our Web site. Although there were at least fifteen patients in the court room that wanted to testify, we were denied and they ruled in favor of Socialstyrelsen. The court could not give us an answer other than that there were no phase-three double blind studies performed in Sweden. However, looking in PUBMED under cancer and hyperthermia, at least 50,000 studies conducted among many different countries showing the efficacy of these treatments turn up. None of this mattered, as they had already decided to shut us down, marking us a threat to the "School of Medicine." This hit me very hard and I believe that it was the root cause of what later was discovered in my body.

Because I was in "stable" condition, I decided to enter the work force once again by looking at other career opportunities. I was offered a position in a spa in Stockholm, Centralbadet, to help organize the therapists and research new forms of treatment. My workaholic-mentality kept me busy non-stop from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. However, I had made no effort to create time to eat well. I slipped and began eating fish, chicken and warm food with an occasional piece of bread. In 2007 the tumor markers had of course escalated again. It was devastating that in such a short period of time I could destroy my body and mind by not staying present. I immediately stopped working and went to Germany to begin hyperthermia. I also underwent four local chemo treatments through a catheter in my groin at the University Clinic in Frankfurt. I decided to do three treatments, believing that I could shrink the tumor with this approach. Having read about Dr. Simoncini in Italy who used baking soda infusions with great results, I decided to do the same. The tumor markers started to dissipate. However, I was persuaded to do four sessions of local chemo and the tumor markers went up again and would not go down. I did not get back to a raw food diet, which was a big mistake. This taught me to always trust your instincts and never let anyone persuade you to do something you know is not right. Your body knows what is best for you, but you must remember to listen.

I had to get help. I immersed myself in a place where I would be granted a fresh start. I chose to attend the program at Hippocrates. Although it's been a roller-coaster with many ups and downs, I knew that it was the best decision I could've made. During the heavy detoxification, I felt weak and strong, nauseous and vibrant, unable to eat and then hungry. However, by the third week everything changed. Now I only feel vibrant, happy and strong. I am positive that the tumors cannot survive in my healthy body any longer. I am committed to staying raw - although it is a major challenge for me - and avoid all invasive treatments. The massages, psycho-oncology, acupuncture, Qigong, infrared sauna with oxygen, and the rectal vitamins have worked wonders. I met so many wonderful people at Hippocrates and I am sure many of them will be lifelong friends. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, along with their staff, do an incredible job. I am blessed to have been able to spend three lovely weeks in their facility. Hippocrates was a savior to which I am humbly grateful.

I hold speeches for cancer in Sweden and always say, "Take an active part in your treatment and healing." We are always given choices, but keep in mind that your body is your temple. Nothing physically changes in your body when being diagnosed with an illness or disease, but the brain and thoughts can make everything worse. That is the power of your brain playing tricks with you and your immune system. I can assure you that the body does not change that much in a day but the brain and its thoughts are so powerful that they can make the body feel weak, shutting down the immune system, or if used in a positive way, they can be a pathway to healing. All we must do is acknowledge our own healing potential and make use of this powerful tool!

I strongly believe that my body was telling me that my mission is to open a clinic again in Sweden. I have even found a wonderful business partner, Fia Hobbs, who has been a Qigong teacher, NLP and Simonton therapist for many years. We have started a project together that we will have running by spring. It will be a day clinic, health education center for cancer-challenged persons, or for those who want to their life back on track. Perhaps one day it will be considered a mini Hippocrates! At 62 years of age and after nearly seventeen years of fighting for my health, I feel like I am 40! When adopting the Hippocrates program, you are capable of achieving similar healing results. It has taken me quite some time to attain not only a healthy lifestyle but a healthy mindset. I couldn't have done it without Hippocrates and the motivation of the staff, the environment and the guests to inspire me along my journey of healing.

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