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Learn & Teach the Hippocrates Lifestyle

Learn and become certified to teach the Hippocrates Health Institute’s proven Healthy Lifestyle protocol developed over 60years in a clinical environment. Gain a certificate in Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and a systematic Lifestyle Medicine protocol by taking the online program from anywhere in the world.

Lifestyle medicine is a new discipline that is recently emerging as a systematic approach for the prevention and management of chronic degenerative diseases. Lifestyle medicine will become the future of healthcare.1

  • 100+ hours of high quality exclusive video and audio interviews from top experts
  • Live monthly Q&A conference calls
  • Learn the science behind organic, living and raw, plant-based nutrition
  • Beautiful presentations, educational PDFs and Infographics
  • Delicious, raw and living food video demos, meal plans, shopping tips and recipes from beginner to gourmet
  • Cutting edge science and research on the Lifestyle Medicine Protocol of the future
  • Connect with fellow students around the world

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Organic, Living Food, Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Protocol Certificate Program Overview

This online program is divided up into 16 comprehensive courses with videos and audios, science, meal plans, presentations, beautifully designed PDFs, Infographics, how to’s, tips, secrets, reading materials, resources and more.

Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program Overview

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program is a revolutionary online program featuring not just the team at Hippocrates, but video lectures and interviews from 79 experts (Ph.D.s, M.D.’s, R.N.’s, Founders, etc.) sharing their science, research and perspectives on all aspects of plant-based nutrition and optimal health as a whole, so you can understand what contributes to the systematic lifestyle medicine protocol that the Hippocrates Lifestyle encompasses.

This certificate based online program provides you with referenced science to accompany the presented work, but also teaches the practical application of living the Hippocrates Lifestyle. Each course has a review that must be passed and an essay needs to be submitted at the end of the program for review. There are also networking opportunities to connect with other students taking the online program.

This certificate based online program will provide you with enough knowledge to be able to live the Hippocrates Lifestyle to benefit your health and life. If you are looking to help others, upon passing you will become certified to teach others with this educational knowledge. Whether you are a healthcare or medical professional, or a beginner this online program with be of benefit to you.

Inside the Program:

  • Consists of 16 comprehensive courses:
    • Course 1 – Principles of Health
    • Course 2 – Healing Starts with our Beliefs
    • Course 3 – The Science of Living Food
    • Course 4 – Living Food Preparation
    • Course 5 – Food Combining
    • Course 6 – Growing & Sprouting Living Foods
    • Course 7 – Liquid Nourishment
    • Course 8 – Supplements
    • Course 9 – Detox & Elimination
    • Course 10 – Weight Loss & Longevity
    • Course 11 – Exercise Immunology
    • Course 12 – Integrative Therapies
    • Course 13 – Practical Living
    • Course 14 – Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Healing
    • Course 15 – Sustainability & Contribution
    • Course 16 – Doing It!
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions
  • A private discussion group with a mentor

What You’ll Learn in the Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program

  • The role of the mind, nutrition, exercise and how a systematic lifestyle medicine protocol can optimize health
  • The science behind organic, living and raw, plant-based nutrition
  • Delicious video recipes of organic, living, plant-based meals and meal plans
  • Why supplements and which supplements
  • Liquid Nourishment, detox, and elimination principles and techniques
  • Exercise and weight loss science and best kept longevity secrets
  • Best integrative therapies to utilize, and practical living solutions
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing protocols
  • Cutting edge sustainability science to teach others

  • Current Student Testimonials of the Program

    “I’ve been living the course material and I’m so excited for our call tonight! I’m up to about 90 – 100% living raw food daily, and truly loving it… It’s exciting to know I’m on my way to growing the food I need instead of relying on the store.” -Kathy Williams

    “I am energized and inspired to study the Hippocrates Institute online course. Every day I look forward to learning more deeply and seeing more results. The gentle transition and great support enables me to implement what I am learning and stay on plan. In a short time the changes in my health and well being have been remarkable.” – Andrei Jablokow, PhD

    “Having done the HHI (Hippocrates Health Institute) Health Educator program I am so thrilled to have a platform to continue to deepen my understanding about so many things.” -Jane Rowe

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