Hair Extensions

At Re New we offer Great Length hair extensions -- 100% human hair that uses pre-bonded synthetic keratin polymers to attach to the clients individual strands of hair. Great Length hair extensions are unique because they are matched to the clients own density of hair to create the most natural look possible from hair extension technology today.  Our proprietary mode of application provides for a truly seamless connection.  For anyone seeking to add length or volume, create or repair a haircut or cover scars or hair loss, Great Lengths hair extensions are a 100% natural solution.

The hair used by Great Lengths is collected from temples all across India where millions of women have religiously gone for more than two thousand years to donate their hair. The proceeds gained by the temples from the sale of the hair are then used to fund schools, orphanages and for other charitable purposes throughout the community.

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"Two years, 10 months, and 18 days ago I was diagnosed with cancer...a grapefruit-sized tumor growing out of my uterus that was touching my ovary, bladder, colon, and abdominal wall. My surgeons removed my uterus and one ovary and told me that they did their best to scrape any remaining cell...

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