BECOME A HEAVENLY BODY Slimming Lotion 8oz


Product Description

DIRECTIONS: TO IRRIGATE POCKETS OF CELLULITE, STIMULATE METABOLISM OF FATTY TISSUE, INCREASE CIRCULATION, RELEASE LOCALIZED TOXIC BUILDUP, AND FIRM SAGGING SKIN, MASSAGE INTO RELEVANT AREAS TWICE DAILY. PARTICULARLY EFFECTIVE IF APPLIED 30 MINUTES BEFORE ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM. INGREDIENTS: sotonic seawater, porphyra red algae extract, laminaria extract, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, cetearyl glucoside, virgin coconut oil, vegetal glycerin, lithotham-nium algae extract, propanediol (maize extract), fisetin & raspberry ketone, oligo saccharides (from algae), glycolic acid, essential oils of lavender, bitter orange, armoise, grapefruit & lemongrass; caffeine, xanthan gum, irish moss extract, japanese honeysuckle, vitamin E oil INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHT: Fisetin – Active flavonoid that stimulates metabolism of fat and prevents lipogenesis in synergy with an exercise program. Raspverry Ketone – Phenolic compound (raspberry) stimulates metabolism of fats 24 hours a day to reduce localized fatty deposits


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