Manifest Your Dreams

Dr. Landrith Manifest CD


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This CD is the first time I have put my procedures in a CD form so that people can follow along. I have had incredible results from those who practice the procedures taught here including: people getting jobs when there are no jobs, being healed from genetic diseases which are not supposed to be healed, having success with a new business, and live a life which radiates blissful energy without stress and depression. So I know what we are teaching here works big time! This CD has the most cutting-edge technology available on how to create miracles with your thoughts and intentions. We have even proved this scientifically! In this CD we combine three of the most powerful life transforming techniques for self-development that I’ve ever seen. This includes Ho’oponopono, Tapping on acupuncture points with one’s fingers (EFT), as well as Heartmath. In addition, we are going to give this cutting-edge technology a Quantum twist. We’ve put all these techniques into one beautiful package that is very easy to do and will transform your life if done on a regular basis. Remember This CD was meant to be matched with my new CD on Held in the Arms of God or with my tapping DVD entitled Tap Into Bliss. The Manifestation CD sends love to what you want to Manifest while the Held In the Arms of God emphasis all the gifts that are in your life. Since each of these CD’s is entirely different in the flow and execution of manifestation, I very much suggest doing each of them several days a week if you are really serious about manifestation. In fact I made them in such a way so they would complement each other so they could be used on different days. Start doing both these CD’s on a regular basis and your life will be transformed!


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