Food is Medicine Vol.2

Food is Medicine Vol. 2


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Food IS Medicine, Volume Two compiles summaries of current scientific studies that show the healing effects of common foods like garlic, turmeric, berries, mushrooms, and legumes in preventing and treating chronic illnesses. With an in-depth analysis of 34 fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, and other healing foods from algae to wheatgrass, this indispensable reference provides a descriptive profile of each food, its nutritional value, and its general effects on the body.
Food IS Medicine is a three volume series presenting noteworthy and provocative data from studies clearly demonstrating that the most important ingested medicine comes from the food we consume. In all volumes, the key finding of each study is summarized in accessible language both for lay people and culinary or nutrition professionals. The studies are then presented chronologically, so the reader can grasp the evolution of findings and theories about the health effects of various nutrients and foods


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