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Toxic energy, such as atmospheric radiation when traveling, plus man-made radiation from airport scanners, cell phones, blue-tooth devices, etc. have shown to noticeably deteriorate the essential vibrancy and life-force of nutrients we consume daily.  The Smart Card, pioneered by Gia Wellness, and powered by (ERT™), is a revolutionary, pocket-sized card, designed to transfer its vital energy onto any beverage, food, and or nutritional supplement you consume, in particular life-situations and environments where energetic enhancements  are essential.  For example, the Smart Card in your purse, bag or suitcase – in the vicinity of your nutritional supplements whose life-force you are trying to protect and enhance.  Prepare to be amazed by how vibrant and energetic you and your nutritionals will arrive at home.  When at a hotel, or at home, you can also place any liquids or drinks on the Smart Card for five minutes, or put food or powdered/encapsulated nutritional supplements on the Card for ten minutes – you’ll absolutely fall in love with the improvement in taste, energy, and vitality you will experience within minutes!

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