Hydrosol Growing Rack (Small)


Product Description

Each Hydrosol Growing Rack holds 7 trays, one on top of each other.

The rack shelf spacing is smaller at the bottom for your newly planted grasses or sprouts.  Each shelf, going up from the bottom, gets increasingly larger, allowing the wheatgrass or sprouts more room to grow.


Put the new tray on the bottom shelf and rotate the others upwards.


The small rack holds trays that are 10″x10″ and is approx. 5 foot high.


The large rack is the same height, but holds trays that are 17″x17″.


If the rack is in a place where water can get on the floor, then just water on the rack and they can drip on each other.  If the rack is in a place where no water can get on the floor, you will need to remove each tray and water.  You can take two at a time and put them in a bathtub, turn the shower on and soak them.  Just wait 15 minutes and put them back on the rack.  They won’t continue to drip.  You can also put a bath towel under the rack to catch that any excess water that may drip down.


The rack comes partially assembled for you.  No glue is needed.  Small package with directions inside.  You just need a hammer to tap in the vertical pieces.

Dimension 15” x 7.5” W


Additional Information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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