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Premier Research Labs’ Quantum Prostate Complex contains a blend of natural ingredients that help get your prostate back to normal. Some of the active ingredients in this product include: beta-sitosterol‚ acetyl-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA)‚ and turmeric to relieve swelling and inflammation the antioxidants IP-6 and stabilized allicin to get rid of harmful free radicals soy isoflavones extract‚ a source of protein the herbs Pygeum Africanum‚ stinging nettle‚ and saw palmetto to relieve urinary issues that can be caused by an enlarged prostate asparagus and tomato‚ which are rich in vitamin C‚ to improve prostate health resveratrol‚ a substance found in plants that relieves inflammation and kills free radicals – See more at:


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