Rad Erase

Rad Erase


Product Description

Bioscalar enhanced hyper-extremely oxygen-saturated & hydrogen-charged spring water with: tissue regeneration frequencies; antidotal frequencies for: ionizing radiation including nuclear fallout and radiation smog (e.g. Fukushima), and X-rays and CAT scans, as well as non-ionizing radiation including Smart Meters. Unlike mono-atomic oxygen therapies, non-mono-atomic oxygen in Rad Erase is very gentle and proprietary, private testing shows this special formula is the only product to date to eliminate radioisotopes and electropollution. Further, its hydrogen charge may also help activate the body’s own dormant hydrogen fuel cell (=clean burn).


Peel foil only to access dropper; do not remove foil from glass.


Additional Information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 x 1.25 x 4 in

1 oz