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Raw Foods For Busy People, Simple and Machine-Free Recipes for Every Day, by Jordan Maerin

Achieve perfect health on a busy schedule!  Now you can enjoy the simplest foods nature has to offer, while living a busy lifestyle.  This book is perfect for busy people, beginners to raw foods, health-conscious slackers, and those following temporary cleaning programs.

This book will quickly teach you the basics of how to:  Enjoy raw foods while eating out; Find mail order resources for raw foods; Locate hard-to-find raw ingredients; Create a satisfying raw food menu; Turn the simplest foods on the planet into delicious feasts!

“BRAVO!  Jordan Maerin’s personal experience in changing her life for the better with raw foods is both educational and inspiring.  Raw Foods For Busy People can help you to do the same.  Best of all, Jordan makes it simple by offering practical recipes for busy people that are great tasting, healthy, and easy-to-prepare.” – Raymond Francis, MSc, RNC, author of Never Be Sick Again: “Health is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It.”

“Jordan’s recipes are so healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare, I recommend the book to all of my clients.” –  Chris O’Loughlin, The Raw Trainer

“Raw Foods for Busy People is invaluable in helping me practice all I learned from the Optimum Health Institute.  Raw foods have improved my health challenge of Fibromyalgia.  Thanks to this book, I can make fast, appetizing meals even when I don’t feel that well!” – Nancy Gordon, LCSW, Director of Animal Angel Healers…! Inc.


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