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Most people want sparkling white teeth, but Hollywood smiles offer no protection against bad breath and gum disease.  If the nooks and crannies between the teeth aren’t kept clean, trapped food particles decompose and rot producing bad breath.  If the crevices below the gum line aren’t kept clean, bacterial colonies form plaque and tartar… the precursors to gingivitis and periodontitis.  Gum disease, not cavities, are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults!

Healthy gums never bleed.  Bleeding gums are one of the first visible signs of gum disease, but the bacterial infections that cause the bleeding to start long before any visible bleeding can be seen.  Oral irrigation with a pulsing water jet can help flush out food debris and bacteria from nooks and crannies toothbrushes just can’t reach.  Studies have shown that irrigation in addition to tooth brushing, even with just plain water, can reduce harmful bacteria colonies by 50%, reduce gingival inflammation by 25%, and reduce bleeding by 40%.

Good oral care not only helps prevent gum disease, it may also help prevent serious medical diseases as well.  Studies have shown that gum infections increase the risk of heart disease by up to 170%.  They also increase the risk of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.  A healthy mouth is an investment in your overall health as well.

The Via-Jet Pro oral irrigators are used and recommended by dentists and hygienists.  Oral irrigation is an absolutely essential tool for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  The Via-Jet Pro cleans not only the teeth, but also the tiny spaces between the teeth and below the gums that toothbrushes and floss just can’t reach.  

The powerful pulsating water jet flushes away rotting food particles and harmful bacteria.  It massages the gums and improves blood circulation to leave the mouth feeling fresh and clean.  Oral irrigation should be part of your daily oral hygiene.

Optional Deep Pocket Attachment:  Optional Cannula Adaptor – this ultra slim tip is thin and long enough to irrigate all the way to the base of even the deepest periodontal pockets.

Variable Water Pressure:  Infinitely Adjustable Water Pressure Control, High Settings for Maximum Power, Low Gentle Settings for Tender Gums.

Fingertip Control:  Convenient Fingertip Control, Instant ON/OFF – No need to reach the main controls, Variable slider works with the pressure dial to fine tune the water flow to suit every user.

Cord Storage and Wall Mount:  Cord Storage – Excess Power cord length can be stored internally, Wall Mount saves Countertop Space, Easily Mounts to any wall, 4 Mounting Screws and Wallplate Included, Slides on or off wallplate in seconds.


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