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Over the past 60 years, the Hippocrates Health Institute has literally taught hundreds of thousands of people how to help themselves actualize a life that is free from premature aging, disease and needless pain.  Hippocrates’ alumni are people from all walks of life who have benefited from learning and adopting the Institute-provided blueprint.  Below they share stories that are considered miraculous by some, but are actually quite typical of people who have embraced the Hippocrates lifestyle.

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I expected this to be a great experience, but even so, it far exceeded my expectations. Connecting with the guests and watching them heal as they come through each week is in itself an uplifting education. Every single person of the 17 in my group left visibly transformed, and several commented that it was the best experience of their lives. If you are wondering if the program is worth the cost, yes, it is a bargain when you look at what you really get.

Ken Rohla
Natural Health Educator, HED Graduate

Being a naturopath, I wasn’t 'new' to natural health when I attended the Hippocrates Health Educator Program, but this program brought a great enrichment to both my personal and professional life. It gave me a deep insight into living food that has not been surpassed because, despite the many books I have read on the subject, it enabled me to experience firsthand the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program for two months, leading to a new me, more confident, more positive and willing to create the life that truly meets my deepest beliefs.

Claudine Richard
Naturopath, HED Graduate

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