Infrared Waves + Oxygen

infrared-waves-plus-oygenThe same benefits achieved by breathing pure oxygen are enhanced by mildly heating the body above 98.6 degrees. This patented technology of infrared domes works by penetrating tissues and heating the core versus superficial heating (ex. infrared saunas). Increasing our core temperature is a defense mechanism our body uses to stimulate our immune system into action when we have an infection or virus. By increasing our core temperature, we create a condition called hyperthermia. It is the presence of heat and increased oxygen which allows for optimal stimulation and metabolic function of our immune system’s natural killer cells (Macrophages, T & B lymphocytes).

By focusing the infrared heat to a particular area in your body, we increase blood flow to that area. This increased blood flow carries the hyper-oxygenated blood, and any increased vitamins and minerals the blood may be carrying, to the area of the body most in need of healing. On a cellular level, the increased presence of heat, oxygen, vitamins and minerals allows for maximization of metabolic rate and immune system function.

  • Far infrared heat penetrates deep through the skin and into the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, joints and bones.
  • Relieves tension, pressure and pain.
  • Expands blood vessels to carry toxins away.
  • Reduces inflammation and brings oxygen, vitamins and minerals to damaged muscles.

In addition, infrared domes with oxygen make the synovial fluid in joints and discs healthier. The joints are lubricated and nourished by an enzyme found in synovial fluid and if this enzyme is out of sync, the fluid may damage the cartilage around the joints. The far infrared waves emitted help balance the enzyme in the joint spaces.

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