It’s crazy how quickly and suddenly life can change. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be standing in the place I am today, a healthy, passionate writer, vlogger, entrepeneur and Naturopath, I’d never have believed them. Being well felt like a virtual impossibility to me then, and if someone had told me a decade ago, that fast forward 5 years, I’d be housebound, in excruciating pain, alone, drowning in a swamp of misery and nursing 6 chronic incurable diseases, with a face full of oozing cysts and a heart that struggled to pump 35 beats a minute without faltering, I’d have assumed they were insane.

But they’d have been right. And I would grow to not only discover the miraculous inner workings of the human body and thus heal myself, but I would also set out to educate, empower and support others in doing the same.

A lifetime of emotional suffering, which paved the way to the development of degenerative disease and my eventual rebound back to wellness has transformed me in ways that I can’t even begin to express with you on this page. Today I am a different person, a better version of myself than I ever knew was possible and I feel honoured to be able to express that you can absolutely do the same. I hope that if my coming words feel painfully familiar to you, that if you are surviving the despair of chronic disease in this moment- as I was, and if you are struggling to find even a glimmer of hope, that my words can offer you that shred of light because complete healing is absolutely possible.

I stood in the Doctor’s office the day after my birthday, he was the 5th specialist I’d seen in a month. He offered me my 6th and final ‘incurable’ disease diagnosis along with another suggested medication boasting a feeble 25% success rate in ‘managing’ my pain. I’ll never forget his face that day. Or how I felt, as I stumbled out of the hospital, blinded by panic and uncontrollable tears, certain that my life, or the life I had always imagined for myself, was over. Here I was, at 25, with Thyroid disease, Chronic fatigue, Cardiac arrhythmia, IBS, cystic acne, and the worst of them all…Interstitial cystitis, a devastatingly painful ulcerative autoimmune bladder disease.

The next months turned into years. A blur of late night researching, emotional breakdowns, comprehensive holistic studies, writing health articles and reaching out to every natural health guru I could find, and filming personal vlogs about techniques that were working for me. An endless stream of wild and wonderful personal experiments, such as month-long water fasts, exhaustive detox cleanses, numerous healing protocols/supplements and diets, visiting several healing centers and discovering my favourite of them all- the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where I was introduced to the power of raw vegan foods and detoxification through alkalizing, hydration and purging both physical and emotional waste. I struggled to stick to the program completely but the puzzle pieces started to fall into place and my body began responding to the many modalities I was implementing.

I was transforming, not just physically and emotionally but spiritually. I began to heal. Slowly. But I was healing in ways I never even knew I had so desperately needed to heal. I started to leave my house. I would walk alone at night, smelling the fresh air like it was the first breath I’d ever taken. I started smiling at strangers I would previously never have noticed, wondering if they were happy, or in pain. I met old friends for tea, talked to people all around the world and began creating connections and crafting meaningful relationships with others who were suffering. I celebrated my mini milestones… being able to leave the house for 1 hour without needing the bathroom, eating an apple without flaring symptoms.

I felt the sun on my skin…really felt it, and began to enjoy the taste of the healthy foods I was preparing for myself rather than seeing my dietary restrictions as a burden. I started designing the first of several recipe e-books dedicated to healing and reversing disease and I dedicated myself to sharing my discoveries in articles, not just on my own blog but on numerous forums, and educational-health websites. I made videos; comprehensive informational (and free) healing Youtube videos to share the wealth of information I was acquiring through my numerous studies in Naturopathy, holistic nutrition, nutritional science, food and human chemistry, energetics and emotional wellness, Ayurveda, natural hygiene, gestational health and midwifery as well as so much more. Most of all I wanted to share what was working for me, so that everyone out there who was suffering the way I had been could know beyond a shred of a doubt that nothing is permanent and there is no such thing as ‘incurable’.

I heard myself laugh out loud, for the first time in years and my tears slowly started to fade into smiles. I re-learned how to feel alive, I uncovered for maybe the first time in my life, that I actually wanted to be alive. The transformation continues in this moment, as I share with you my truth. Today I stand free of every single one of those diseases.

It’s crazy how quickly and suddenly life can change. I am vibrant, healthy and excited about what other challenges and miracles lie ahead as I continue along my healing path. I can’t say it was easy, especially not in the beginning. I can’t even say it got easier in time, or that it was a smooth process because it wasn’t, but it was absolutely worth it and if I could go back in time and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Article by | Brittany Auerbach

Naturopath n.d. |


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