In 1976 I contacted a live wire and was electrocuted. I was pronounced dead at the scene and when they were able to partially revive me, my trip to the hospital was ominous as my heart stopped 3 times. The physician said it was impossible I was still alive and he expected permanent brain and body impairments. He expected my life to be lived in a semi-vegetative state. Their protocol was to fill me up with drugs until my prevailing debility was stabilized. I choose to go out of the hospital against their will and was surrounded by my three sons who drove me to a friends property where I laid out on a blanket on the ground as all of my body was limp and all bodily functions were not working. I had read about living foods and always thought if I had a serious health problem I would embrace them. My children supported and served me juices and living foods until my body regained strength. After several days I felt I had regained most of my mobility and asked my sons to help me revisit the hospital and see the physician who had told me if I left the hospital I would be dead in two days. My visit was to give him two Hippocrates books and show him there is another way.