Spontaneous sweats, headaches, full body tension... These are only a few of the many symptoms that comprise anxiety. Today, over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and what is worse is that the number of undiagnosed people who suffer from anxiety is much higher. While it is common to think that medication is the answer to your anxious symptoms, in reality, it only masks the surface signs of your anxiety and never treats the root causes. Will you get short-term relief from pharmaceuticals? Most likely. However, there is nothing empowering about a pill, and your anxiety will always be there haunting you until you start to deal with it in a healthy and confident way. As a young woman who suffered from a decade-long, severe and chronic anxiety disorder, I, too, believed that medication was the only "cure" for me. When I started incorporating the following practices into my daily routine, though, I saw dramatic results and a significant decrease in my anxiety. Admission, affirmation, meditation and prayer all gave me what no drug ever could, an overwhelming sense of empowerment and true healing for my disorder.