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Health coaching revolves around motivating patients or clients to change their lifestyles by offering them healthier choices and by supporting behaviors that enhance their health and quality of life. Even though health coaching, sometimes referred to as wellness coaching, lifestyle coaching and/or life coaching, is a relatively new field in the realm of medicine, there is a lot of supporting evidence regarding its benefits.

Lifestyle Medicine is a new disciple that is recently emerging as a systematic approach for the prevention and management of chronic degenerative disease. Lifestyle Medicine Coaching will become a major part of the future of healthcare. In 2010, a study was used to assess the efficacy of health coaching in improving health outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes. Fifty-six patients were divided into two groups, one receiving six months of health coaching over the telephone, while the other served as the control group.

The group who received health coaching adhered to their medication more successfully compared to the control group, and showed improvement in disease knowledge, self-medication and change in behavior, while the control group had shown no improvement. Another study was conducted to test the efficacy of wellness coaching in reducing symptoms of cardiovascular disease. This multi-center study was conducted on 792 patients, which were divided in two groups, one was given usual care while the other was given health coaching via mail and telephone.

Results showed that patients with coaching had a massively lower amount of total cholesterol, and LDL-C, compared to usual care patients. Moreover, the group which had received wellness coaching lost more weight, exercised more, showed less anxiety, had a better quality of life and overall shown better health outcomes.

These studies therefore make coaching a viable alternative to traditional treatment methodologies, and when combined with a physician is a powerful fusion model for the patient or client.
Coaching is behavioral intervention to support patients or clients, to make positive changes.

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Program Overview:
  1. On Campus Training Dates: 4 Days, Jan 11th-14th 2019
  2. Where: Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
  3. 4 Day Content: Lectures & Skill Set Development Based Training
  4. Ongoing Online Training: Access to Advanced Learning Materials
  5. Certificate on Completion: Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach MasterClass Graduate
  6. Price: $4,000
  7. Includes: All Training, Lunch & Dinner & Full Campus Use
  8. Accommodation & Flights Included: No
  9. Level of Entry: Hippocrates Online Program Student or Graduate, Hippocrates Health Educator Student or Graduate, Hippocrates Alumni or Experienced Health or Life Coach
  10. Language: English

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This class is for you if you are:

  • Looking to set up or grow your own coaching business
  • A Hippocrates Health Educator enrollee or graduate
  • Hippocrates Online Program enrollee or graduate
  • Associated with Hippocrates as an evangelist of the Lifestyle
  • An experienced Health or Life CoachAre looking to work with the Institute
  • Are seeking training from Master Coaches
  • Willing to take your health and life to the next level
  • Are looking to increase your earning potential
  • Wanting to boost your resume

What you will receive:

  • 4 days of intensive coach training
  • Coaching one-on-one and in groups
  • Feedback sessions on your coaching
  • Dynamics of the coach/client relationship
  • Learn the fusion coaching model to cultivate change
  • Tools to build your coaching practice
  • Ongoing advanced online support (after the MasterClass)
  • Full access to HHI campus for 4 days
  • Two meals a day at HHI
  • Daily Wheatgrass
  • Daily Hippocrates green juices

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Training lead by: Gerard O’Donovan – Europe’s Leading Life Coach Trainer & Jennifer Helene, M.S. – Hippocrates Master Coach & Coach Trainer

The Hippocrates LifestyleTM MasterClass Coaching program is over 4 days in January 2019 with additional online advanced training.

Gerard O’ Donovan

Europe’s Leading Life Coach Trainer

Gerard has been described by those he works with as a highly sought-after, dynamic, motivating, informing and amusing public speaker. Prior to life coaching Gerard was in the Royal Marines and had a career as a financial advisor. His entrepreneurial skills soon revealed themselves and he founded his own life coach training company, Noble Manhattan, which is still the only one in Britain to have gained an A* accreditation from the European Coaching Institute (ECI). Over the last seventeen years he has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Europe’s Master Executive Coach
Gerard O’Donovan’s boundless energy, unique training style and business-building insights make him one of the most sought-afterprofessional coaching consultants in Europe and across the globe. Gerard travels the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals and operating two large consulting businesses. No matter where he is, Gerard’s passionate focus remains the same: to help people achieve peak performance in everything they do.

Professional Accreditation
Gerard is one of only 6 Accredited Fellow Coaches in the World. Gerard has been identified both professionally with accreditations and by his peers as a leading expert in his field. His talents as a public speaker have been commended in the book Voices of Experience by Jacqui Harper which features “expert tips from high profile presenters”. His experience and professionalism is evident as he was asked to co author the book Good Question! by Judy Barber and write the foreword for The Coaching Parent by David Miskimin and Jack Stewart. He has co authored The Thirty Minute Life Coach with Curly Martin.

Education and Experience
Gerard’s ability to inspire his audience stems from the fact that he does not just teach text book theories. He has been educated in psychology and business philosophies but believes that it is real life experience which gives him his edge over the “never done it myself” trainer. His personal view is that only true experience combined with educational material can provide the all round approach that enables one to be able to truly relate to, and help, people and businesses solve their problems and improve their outlook. It remains the case that Gerard still runs two international organisations, managing over 4,000 people.

Entrepreneurial Expertise
It is Gerard’s boundless energy, unique training style and insight into business building philosophies that makes him one of the best of only a small number of professional consultants and peak performance coaches who have actually done it themselves. Not only does he travel the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals, but also currently owns and runs six large businesses himself. One of these he started in November 1995 and within 12 months developed into an organisation of over 3,000 people working within 11 countries world-wide. He specialises in helping people to achieve peak performance in everything they do.

Passing on the knowledge
Gerard O’Donovan’s skills have also been recognised by the Princes Youth Business Trust, set up by Prince Charles. The PYBT approached Gerard offering him a post as mentor. In this challenging role, Gerard helps young people to produce a business plan, seek funding and monitors progress, advising and steering each person in the right direction. Gerard particularly enjoys this role and takes pleasure in nurturing a new idea and watching it grow into a successful business.

Inspiring Global Audiences
When executives clamor for Gerard’s assistance, it is because they recognise Gerard’s ability to inspire in a way that has nothing to do with textbook knowledge. Of course, Gerard’s background in the Royal Marines, and as a highly regarded financial advisor, were just the beginning. Soon, Gerard recognized his own talents for motivating others to achieve greater success, and turned his attention to founding his own life coach training company…still the only coaching firm in Britain to have gained an A* accreditation from the International Institute of Coaching (IIC). Over the last seventeen years, Gerard has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Gerard’s education is steeped in psychology and business philosophies, but Gerard believes his real life experience is what fuels his edge over the “never done it myself” trainer. He believes only real world experience, combined with the right educational materials, can provide the all-round approach to truly relate to and help people and businesses solve their problems and improve their outlook.

Jennifer Helene, M.S.

Hippocrates Lifestyle Master Coach & Coach Trainer

Jennifer Helene is the Hippocrates Lifestyle Master Coach and Coach Trainer. She sees coaching and behavioral change as a key element in taking responsibility for personal health, becoming a healthier humanity, and realigning towards a healthier planet.Research shows that the most powerful behavioral changes occur with accountability partners and education. She actively trains health coaches in a myriad of Lifestyle Medicine Protocols, and coaches select clients who are willing to work at a high velocity.

Lifestyle Medicine

Jennifer spent 2 years in early childhood in a wheelchair due to health challenges. The repercussions of this would echo into her late adolescence and her ongoing medical issues were not solvable by western medicine alone. This sent her on the journey to seek answers. After 20+ years of experience, Jennifer Helene realizes it is not enough to just focus on diet or just exercise, the whole person and integrated life is the most important factor in living a long, healthy, happy life.

Jennifer Helene curates content both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, art directs and produces online programs for Lifestyle Medicine Protocols.

She believes the most impactful way for change to occur is through education and making changes to daily behaviors.

She has created Lifestyle Medicine programs with the Hippocrates Health Institute and the National Bariatric Association.

Food as Medicine
Jennifer has spent the last 20+ years searching for answers to optimal health across the globe. She studied food as medicine in France, Germany, Japan, India, China, Switzerland and Greece. She speaks Fluent French and German, and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in food is medicine from every area of the globe.

She holds an M.S. in Nutrition, but is not your typical ‘book-read’ nutritionist. She has been consulting groups, companies and individuals for over a decade on how to achieve optimal health and balance through healing foods.

Jennifer Helene is a tenacious Yoga practitioner and one of the most senior representatives of Patanjali Yoga from The Institute of Yogic Sciences from Bern, Switzerland. She is a 2nd generation Yoga Instructor to B.K.S Iyengar as she was a direct apprentice of Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Ali Dashti for fifteen years. Ali Dashti is a 1st generation apprentice of B.K.S. Iyengar and an instructor at the Iyengar Institute (RIYMI) since 1986.

In 2011, she chose to take a stand for healthy, delicious food and was featured as a cast member on the final of Season 3 MasterChef (FOX TV), out of 60,000 contestants, and has been featured on multiple FOX morning shows.

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