Ready, set, chop!

The cornerstone of the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program involves empowering each and every one of our guests to take responsibility of their own bodies and creating a healthy future for themselves. For most people this involves a radical change in mindset and a process of learning how best to care for the human frame. To this end, a significant portion of the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program focuses on the educational component.

During your stay here at Hippocrates you will enjoy over forty hours each week of informative and inspiring lectures, teachings, and workshops on nutrition and holistic life principles. These lectures are conducted by our staff of PhD’s, Medical Doctors, Holistic Doctors, Nurses, Psychotherapists, and outside teachers each of whom are world-class leading experts in their respective fields. All of our instructors are highly-educated and highly experienced in the discipline of the natural healing arts.

40-Hours-of-InstructionYou will receive valuable instruction that is both current and relevant. This includes the latest cutting-edge research information on the science of human health. These classes include:

Holistic Principles of Health
The Science of Living Foods
Living and Raw Food Meal Preparation
Growing Your Own Wheatgrass and Sprouts
The Importance of Effective Fasting
How to Mitigate the Effects of Detoxification
Digestive Health
Home Remedies and Natural Self-Help Techniques
How to Effectively Eliminate Stress
Proper Supplementation
Water Wisdom
Organic Gardening
Contemplation Techniques
And, much more.

Upon completion of the Program you will be equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to effectively implement the Hippocrates Lifestyle once you return home. You will be given a 300+ page manual compiled of comprehensive information from each one of our educational classes and filled with references and valuable resources. You will have the knowledge to take charge of your health and reshape your destiny.

We will offer you an on-going support team to help guide you through your wellness journey after you graduate. We will reach out to you and stay in constant communication keeping you informed of updates, new complementary health technologies, and on-going results from our research studies by phone, email, e-newsletter, and through our complementary periodical, Healing Our World. We will stand with you to advise you in all your future health-related endeavors.”