It’s no secret that a plant based diet provides energy and protein directly from the source. Not only are plant based diets high in nutrients, but they are naturally anti-inflammatory which greatly reduces the recovery time for athletes. Famous Vegan athletes include tennis player Venus Williams, endurance athlete Brendan Brazier, body builder Korin Sutton, and many more!

Here at Hippocrates Health Institute, we wanted to dive deeper and provide you with what we believe are the 5 most important nutrients for vegan athletes, or anyone desiring to make their training time power packed and highly effective.


Energy – Blue Green Algae

Supplementing with a Blue Green Algae such as our formula from Lifegive will  increase energy, mental acuity, and body harmonization. By adding Blue Green Algae to your diet you will receive the most balanced, complete, nutrient-rich food on earth that provides the highest protein and trace mineral concentration of any natural food.


Stamina – Chlorella and Sea Vegetables

Stamina is derived from healthy blood cells carrying oxygen.  Green algaes (chlorella) phytoplankton and sea vegetables are all at the top of the list to give you the vigorous endurance of many of our daily lives require.


Strength – Sprouts

Body strength comes from strong and flexible muscles.  Sprouts like sunflower, pea green and the juice of wheatgrass are superior foods that feed these powerful, anatomical systems.  Many sprouts are complete proteins containing the full amino acid profile. Body builders who require additional muscle development can use plant-based proteins derived from chia, brown rice, flax, peas, etc.


Flexibility – Silica

Flexibility comes from elasticity increasing nutrients.  Silica heads the list with biotin and magnesium oil applied topically are 2 and 3.  Silica has been shown to help maintain healthy connective tissue which is a key component of joine and bone tissue health. Of course, flexibility exercises are essential.


Recovery – Curcumin and Capsicum

Recovery from either a sports activity or disease requires the same nutritional elements.  Curcumin an anti-inflammatory (the principal curcuminoid of tumeric), capsicum tincture (cayenne pepper), and high quality green powders all fit the bill.


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