By, Rick Klepal

Brian Clement, co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute for the past 38 years has been known to say, “People who discover the health benefits of a living, plant based diet either come to that knowledge from a place of Inspiration or Desperation”. While it is true that countless people have learned to reverse series disease with the principals of health taught at places like Hippocrates, there remains a growing number of people who come to learn those same principals without a sense of desperation. They are coming from A Place Of Inspiration.

The Hippocrates Health Institute is a World-renowned education facility located on a peaceful and equally beautiful 55-acre campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. The campus is a lush, tropical and spiritual oasis offering respite in an increasingly chaotic World. For over 60 years, this holistic institute continues to empower people from around the globe to reconnect to their highest well-being. Guests are provided a series of state of the art lectures on natural health, and are provided the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in multiple avenues of healthful living, culminating a new perspective on life. A perspective that is sustainable long after their time at the institute. Life changes which rejuvenate and radiate outward with an apparent glow of health.

My personal experience with Hippocrates began around 10 years ago, when I was facing a cancer diagnosis and my doctor was recommending surgery. Electing instead to restore my health through lifestyle changes, I have done exactly that and have not undergone any conventional treatment. Much more than simply avoiding disease, I believe the lifestyle changes learned at Hippocrates have elevated my overall level of health. I have personally come to know countless people with similar and more dramatic living examples like mine.

At its core the Hippocrates Life Transformation program promotes a plant-based diet made up predominately of “living foods”, meaning freshly harvested sprouting plants. These “living foods” play a dominant role in the meal and vegetable juices served daily. The key phase at Hippocrates underscores the importance in living food very well…

“It is not the food in your life, it is the LIFE in your food”.

While the food and juices at Hippocrates are key components, there is a wide variety of additional health promoting experiences located throughout the campus. Beginning with the Oasis Therapy Center, which is thought of as the “Heart” of the institute. The Oasis creates a nurturing space allowing guest to embrace a new-found personal awareness of their health through a variety of treatments. Beginning with the Mind, the counseling therapies offer a path of enhanced self-awareness and self-love through both group and individual sessions.

The Body therapies include treatments like acupuncture, massage, lymphatic treatments, yoga and more.

It also offers guest the ability to explore advancement in their connection to Spirit including sound therapy imaging, Reiki, meditation and more. And finally, there are the wonderfully rejuvenating services surrounding Detox & Anti-Aging. State of the art salt treatments, body wraps, facials, colonic therapies complete the transformative treatments available, and all with the purest organic ingredients available. Or just relax and enjoy the Dead Sea mineral infused pools coupled with the cleansing effect of one of the many infrared saunas on the campus.

When you combine all that is offered at the institute, a stay at Hippocrates can be one of those vacations where you not only have an amazing time, you also discover profound, lasting and positive change in your life. Weaving together all of the wonderful experiences the Hippocrates Health Institute has to offer is a sense of community. A loving community that I have felt blessed to be part of for nearly 10 years. It is a place, and a community that continues to help me to grow my understanding, and my ability to positively impact my health. And above all, it is a place and a group of people that has truly inspired me. It is a true Place of Inspiration in living a better life.

Rick Klepal is a Commercial Real Estate Investment advisor for Colliers International and lives in West Palm Beach.


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