Become an Accredited Professional Coach with Award Winning Coach Training to the level of PhD.

Founded in 1993, Noble Manhattan Coaching is one of the longest established life and executive coach training companies in the World and is now working with Hippocrates Health Institute to train coaches to the highest level in the USA. Its reputation for creating superb life and executive coaches is second to none. Students are truly welcomed into the Noble Manhattan Coaching family, an international life coach training company with a heart. What is unique about Noble Manhattan Coaching is we help coaches to become successful after their training is completed with us through HippocratesNoble Manhattan Coaching is one of the top global life coaching companies in the world, of the 900+ life coach training companies worldwide. They offer a wide range of life and executive coaching and business courses, with their Practitioner Coach Diploma being accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPCM) the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the CEO of Noble Manhattan was requested by various governmental and educational bodies to set up as the previous CEO, The International Regulator for Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM).

Noble Manhattan Coaching has trained in excess of 25,000 professional life coaches and executive coaches worldwide. The Founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan, Mr. Gerard O’Donovan, is an internationally acclaimed authority in life and executive coaching and leadership. He is one of only six fellow coaches in the world, a world class motivational speaker, consultant, author and trainer. The Noble Manhattan Coaching company currently trades in 28 countries around the world and each and every one of our life coach training courses is run by professional Noble Manhattan trainers who not only possess excellent presentation and educational skills but are accredited, proficient, experienced, and successful life and executive coaches in their own right. A great deal of careful thought and design has gone into developing a full program of professional coach training and business courses ranging from one day packed events to Certificate-based, Diploma, Advanced Diploma Programs and a PhD in  Professional Coaching.

Level II Coaching – 3-Day Residential will cover:

Day 1: Intensive with Gerard O’Donovan, Europe’s Leading Life & Executive Coach Trainer himself, the CEO of Noble Manhattan. Gerard’s teaching style is upbeat and dynamic! He
will teach and introduce you to several coaching techniques and practices, which you will have time to integrate during the day within smaller groups.

Day 2: Led by a Master Coach and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer. This day is goes deeper and slower-paced, overcoming limiting beliefs, timelines, eye accessing techniques, etc. More integration and an overview.

Day 3: Is much faster-paced with several group exercises. You will learn more coaching techniques and will start developing yourself as a coach.

Level II Coaching – Mentoring, Online Program & Distance Learning:

Practitioner Coach Handbook.
Practitioner Coach Training Manual – 5 Modules, Reading, Learning & Exercises.
Co-Active Coaching Course Book – to read and critique as a course book.
Online Student Log In Area Access: 8 Coach Training Teleclasses.
Online, Face to Face Personal Mentoring: With our Level II Coaching you receive personal mentoring, from a qualified, accredited, Senior Coach.
Practical Coaching: 10 hours of practical, documented coaching will be completed by you to broaden your experience and confidence as a coach while in coach training.

Written Work Required:

1 Critique of Co-Active Coaching Course Book (1,000 words)
1 Essay, 15 subjects to choose from (1-1,500 words each)
* Evidence Portfolio (EP) – We request you log all your work in your EP, which is a downloadable sheet, updated by you and submitted to us, and held at the Noble Manhattan Head Office. Your professional education is logged with us. This is for professional and accreditation purposes.

Estimated study hours of Level II Coaching is 125-hours

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Program Overview:
  1. Length of Programs: 
    Level I Coach Training 20 hours
    Level II Coach Training 125 hours with 3 Day Residential at Hippocrates.
    Level III Coach Training – Additional 235 hours.
    Level IV PhD in Professional Coaching – Additional 3.5 to 5 Years.
  2. Style of Delivery: Residential, Mentoring, and Online Program with Distance Learning.
  3. Professional Contributors: 20+.
  4. Scheduled Training: Level II Coaching Residential 20th, 21st & 22nd September 2019.
  5. Program Access: 24/7 Online & Distance Learning.
  6. Community: Private Discussion Group, Hippocrates Events & Business Support.
  7. Certificates on Completion of Levels: Practitioner Coach Certificate (Level II Coaching), Practitioner Coach Diploma (Level III Coaching) or PhD (Level IV Coaching).
  8. Starting Price for Level II Coaching with Residential: $3,497 2019 only
  9. Level of Entry: Interview.
  10. Language: English but translators in some languages, please contact us.


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Are you here to become trained as world class, accredited professional coach? When searching for the right coach training it can be easy to lose focus of your real goals and get lost in all the obviously important and basic decision making points like: 1) The company’s mission, values, philosophies, and training methodologies. 2) Accreditations, certifications, and competencies of the coach training company. 3) Quality of curriculum, trainers, and levels of accreditation and certification you will earn. 4) Financial and time investment required to successfully complete your training. 5) Social proof and track record. These key decision points are extremely important and require in-depth research and conversations to arrive at an empowered decision. But there is one key focal point individuals often lose focus of when making their decision. But take a second and ask yourself:

What good is receiving the best accreditations, certifications, and training if you cannot use it to create the impact and success you desire for yourself, others and the world?

Are you only looking for the highest quality development and training? Or Are you looking for a successful career path that will make a bigger difference in the world?

At Hippocrates with Noble Manhattan providing our coach training we care deeply about providing you with both.



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Hippocrates Health Institute partnership with Noble Manhattan to provide accredited coach training programs, delivered by Master Coaches Accredited by The International Authority of Professional Mentoring & Coaching providing you an award winning, accredited powerful education in professional coaching and a pathway to full accreditation as a professional coach. Some of our contributors are below:

Gerard O’Donovan

Europe’s Leading Life Coach Trainer, CEO of Noble Manhattan, M.Sc, N.E.B.S.S., FCLC

Gerard O’Donovan is the founder of Noble Manhattan, a worldwide coach training company dedicated to training world-class professional coaches. Noble Manhattan is one of the longest established coach training companies in the world and currently trains coaches in 28 countries.

Cherry Mullins

IAPC&M Accredited Master Coach Trainer

Trainer, Tele-lecturer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach and Accredited Master Coach Trainer and accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M) with over 11,000 hours of coaching experience. She is also a Trainer, with over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering training programs internationally for a variety of organizations.

David Wilson

IAPC&M Accredited Master Coach

A Master Coach, Legacy Fellow of the Career Development Institute and Accredited Fellow Coach with The International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring, Focusing on simple, practical strategies to equip senior managers to be more influential in their careers, whether to impact on the Board, get buy-in for their projects or develop strong stakeholder relationships.

Dawn Campbell

IAPC&M Accredited Master Coach

Fellow of the IAPC&M & Master Mentor, Holistic Practitioner & Author. Following a fast track 20 year corporate career in management consultancy, Dawn had responsibility for outsourced services in the fields of national recruitment campaigns and corporate relocations around the world

Di McLanachan

IAPC&M Accredited Master Coach

Di is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has over 30 years experience working with large multinational corporations (predominantly IBM) and is the best selling author of ‘NLP for Business Excellence’ and ‘Customer Care in a Week’. Di has run her own training business since 1993 and is a professional public speaker and has also been featured on BBC Television.

John Fielder

IAPC&M Accredited Fellow Coach & Final Assessor

John Fielder is a Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chartered HR Professional, Accredited Fellow Coach (IAPC&M), Certified NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and TimeLine® Therapist, who has over 30 years experience of working with individuals, teams and organizations.

Jennifer Helene Popken

Managing Director Noble Manhattan USA California

Jennifer Helene is a seasoned coach and entrepreneur with over 20 years of initiating, growing and leading businesses. She began studying Coaching in 2010 and has worked in the industry with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine Coaching for individuals, organizations and the creation of methodologies for learning systems.

Tony Vernon

Managing Director Noble Manhattan USA Florida

Tony Vernon trained with Noble Manhattan in 1999, 20 years ago. He has many years of experience as a coach and vast business experience working with for a wide variety of high profile clients including: Jacuzzi, Kaiser Permamente, Investors, A Cloud Guru, Salesforce, Beringer, KPMG and


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