Classical Oriental Medical Treatment

This modality combines the art of acupuncture, including auricular (ear) acupuncture, moxibustion, oriental body work, Qigong, and meditation, as well as non-invasive needle techniques to provide a comprehensive approach to healing and well-being. Each treatment is specifically tailored to meet one’s individual needs. 50 or 80 minutes


ann_wigmoreAcupuncture is an art, science and philosophy at the root of China’s oldest system of healing, which utilizes a person’s own Life Force energy to re-establish balance and harmony. Needles as thin as the hair on your head are gently inserted into specific points on the skin’s surface to influence the body’s energetic flow. Chinese practitioners have used this method to treat and relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions for the past 2,500 years. 50 minutes


Based on modern biophysics and ancient Chinese medicine, color frequencies are applied to acupuncture points using a light pen and crystal rods. This promotes hormonal balance, detoxification, lymph flow and immune support while reducing headaches and sleeplessness. Working on cellular memory where the cause of disease resides, color puncture promotes healing from within. 50 minutes