Over the past few decades, a very sizable industry has been emerging in the area if life extension. This field of specialty, created partly in response to consumer fears over declining health and aesthetics, is comprised of health care specialists, full supplement lines and even moderate to full-scale facilities. As such, many questionable products, services and claims have been fed to a largely uneducated public. Many of us would like to live longer and stay young, but none of us should have to sacrifice our health, our finances or, in some cases, our very life to do so.

Human Growth Hormones, which at the beginning were extracted from bovine and injected into the ultra-wealthy, have a long and debatable journey. The process of harvesting was so difficult that the industry quickly progressed to using genetic modifications to create a stabilized, injectable substance that they claimed would restore youth. Even now, the average price of a series of these injections is between ten to twenty thousand dollars per year. Beyond the inherent risks of genetically modified organisms (GMO), participants are potentially subjecting themselves to many additional toxic effects. Hippocrates Health Institute has taken a strong stand against the use of any genetically altered compounds; there is so little long-term, practical research on these new precuts that. At best, their long range effects are speculative. We have worked with many people who are using these concoctions without results, yet are noticing a decrease in some of their critical immune system markers. On a related note, a local Florida couple from West Palm Beach, Dr. Eric Kaplan and his wife Bonnie, recently spent more than three weeks recovering at a catastrophic care hospital in Atlanta after receiving an unknown dose of raw botulism toxin at a Florida clinic instead of the popular Botox treatment they sought to remove wrinkles. Authorities confirmed that had the Kaplans not been astute enough to recognize their symptoms and get appropriate medical care, they would not have survived.

Before going further, lets look at what a Human Growth Hormone is and why it is pinnacle in preventing premature aging. Human Growth Hormones (HGH), also called somatotropin, are created in the anterior pituitary gland, which resides in the center of the brain and are responsible for growth, development and regeneration. It is a single chain polypeptide comprised of 191 amino acids and is one of five pituitary hormones. Hormones work in a cascading fashion, beginning with the hypothalamus, where the release if hormones originates. The hypothalamus sends chemical messages to the pituitary, which then releases hormones (including HGH) that stimulate other glands such as the thyroid and adrenals.

Further on down the line, these hormones activate the testicles and ovaries, which then release hormones of their own. The pituitary acts as a traffic cop telling when to release hormones and how much of the hormone to produce. The final results are seen in physical characteristics such as facial and body hair. The entire body, all of its systems as well as the regeneration of both are dependant upon growth hormones, which is why it is critical to have adequate numbers. Beyond age 30 there is a dramatic reduction in these hormones, which is now confirmed and supported by research from Stanford University’s Medical School, which confirms this to be the central cause of aging.

There has been an explosion of interest in preventing the natural process of aging, spurred wholeheartedly by maturing baby-boomers. This has kept us engaged in the search to find effective ways, beyond lifestyle, to assist in this noble cause. Hippocrates has never supported, nor will ever support the use of animal-based, chemically manufactured, genetically modified products. We strongly believe and have observed in our more than 50 years of work, that unnatural methodologies invariably produce negative side effects. We have finally discovered a health-promoting, human growth hormone stimulator called O-tropine, which provides the natural chemistry to stimulate these life-enhancing hormones. We conducted a six-month experiment before recommending O-tropine as a safe and effective youth enhancer. Our findings at Hippocrates Health Institute support that O-tropine does indeed boost pituitary function and HGH levels.

There are several studies, worldwide, that support our findings. One study, conducted by Dr. Paul Rodman, demonstrates that a minimal use of HGH for six months restores as much as 10 to 20 years of lost mental and physical health. The Kobi Institute in Japan revealed that women significantly decreased osteoporosis and abdominal fat through the use of HGH. Dr. Bengstrom at Sahlgrenska in Gotenborg, Sweden reported that people with higher amounts of HGH increase their life spans and those with lower amounts of HGH, in every age group and gender, showed earlier deterioration and death. International research on HGH stimulators was complied and averaged on the effects of growth hormones. (The gatherings of these statistics are in the diagram located at the end of this article.)

For years, we have taught at Hippocrates that the true fountain of youth is to be positive, eat pure, life-giving food, exercise regularly and properly, and connect spiritually with the greater whole. This minimizes the depletion of function, we strongly suggest the use of Q-tropine sublingual spray, a safe and effective life-extension product.

All Participants had ingested sublingual HGH stimulators for a minimum of three months.

  1. 81% showed weight reduction
  2. 86% lost abdominal fat
  3. 71% increased their stamina
  4. 88% developed muscle mass
  5. 77% reduced colds and flu
  6. 81% increased athletic endurance
  7. 84% increased memory
  8. 91% increased sleep regularity
  9. 76% improved sexual vitality
  10. Vol 24 Issue 4 Page 2


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