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 When I was born into this world

The only things I knew were love, laugh, and shine my light brightly.

Then as I grew, People told me to stop laughing.

“Take life seriously,” they said, “if you want to get ahead in this world.”

So I stopped laughing.

People told me, “Be careful who you love if you don’t want your heart broken.”

So I stopped loving.

They said, “Don’t shine your light so bright as it draws too much attention onto you.”

So I stopped shining

And became small

And withered

And died

Only to learn upon death

That all that matters in life

Is to love, laugh and shine our light brightly!

By Anita Moorjani


When we are born we arrive knowing the truth of who we are. Somewhere along the way we begin to reject this knowledge as we try to fit in and conform to the society we are born into. We learn to look outside ourselves attempting to find a way to become “normal” and begin to listen to other people’s expectations and desires for us. Then when we can’t live up to all of these expectations we may feel flawed, incapable or deprived of what is needed. We may dismiss our own feelings as if they are of no consequence and spend our time attempting to figure out how it fit in.

Is it possible that most of our beliefs about ourselves are based on these untruths we told ourselves? Are we trying to navigate our life based on others expectations rather than our inner compass? No matter how many self-help books we read or self–development classes we take, we are still going outside ourselves for the answers. Nothing can break these self-destructive programs until we disconnect from the Feeling/Thinking Pattern, release the myths, and expose the lies that have been forming our thoughts and beliefs. One method to break the pattern is the One-Brain© technique. One-Brain© is a gentle effect way to break the conditioning so you can turn the myths around and live from your true self. Using you as the source of your answers, hands-on muscle testing will assist you to access cellular memory. By connecting to where your body says the pattern got locked in, you can release the block at the cause and are now Free to Choose reconnecting to the truth of who you really are.

If are drawn to explore further and discover the real you, come join us December 9, 10 and 11 for the Happiness Connection workshop. This workshop incorporates the One-Brain© technique and will support you in breaking free of self- sabotage and limiting beliefs of who you really are.


By Sara L. Bronson (poem by Anita Moorjani)


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