9/18/2012: Major Press conference at RAW RAW Restaurant in Vilnius. All major TV, newspaper and magazines were represented in order to familiarize Lithuanians and all conference attendants with Ann Wigmore and her contribution to the world in the field of health and nutrition.

9/19?–?20/2012: Ann Wigmore Living Food Conference at Vilnius Philharmonic Hall. Attended by 750?–?800. This included not only living food experts, but Lithuanian doctors, politicians, etc.

First day of conference: We were honored by Agne Zuokiene, MP, of Lithuanian Parliament, who welcomed all to our Living Foods Conference with the blessings of the Lithuanian government. This day was dedicated to presentations by all ambassadors about Ann Wigmore and her life, times and personal relationships many had with her. Contributors included: Leola Brooks, Victoria Boutenko, Karyn Calabrese, Janina Davidoniene, Joyce Oliveto, Claudia Salas, Cherie Soria, Jill Swyers, Loreta Vainius, Mikael Boström, Brian Clement, Dr. Algimantas Kirkutis, Viktoras Kulvinskas and

Steve Meyerowitz.

Second day of conference: An official press conference at the Lithuanian Parliament was organized at the insistence of Agne Zuokiene, MP, with the Minister of Health in attendance. There was strong interest on the government level to improve the health and wellbeing of the Lithuanian people. In continuation of our conference, all were welcomed by the mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas who expressed his gratitude for staging such an extraordinary event in his city. As a token of appreciation, he promised to offer an office?/?storefront in the city to promote living foods education and offer juicing/living foods. Major presentations by: Karyn Calabrese (Toxicity and Detoxification), Victoria Boutenko (Miracle of Wild Edibles), Viktoras Kulvinskas (Holistic Therapeutic Enzymes), Dr. Algimantas Kirkutis (History and Influence of Vydunas, 1868?–?1953, in the Field of Health and Wellbeing), Brian Clement (LIfe Force and Longevity). An extra unscheduled event had a 104-year-old living food Yogi from India who performed unbelievable yoga exercises. At the conclusion of the Vilnius Conference (18:00 hours), all ambassadors and visitors traveled to the city of Klaipeda by coach.

9/21/2012: The day began with a dedication at the auditorium in Klaipeda University Medical School with Ann Wigmore’s name and portrait. It was attended by the university dean, Dr. Algimantas Kirkutis, ambassadors and the university staff and students. This day was followed by lectures and presentations at the main Klaipeda University auditorium. This was a standing room only event. Theme: Living Foods and its Effect on Degenerative Disease. Presentations were given by Dr. Lukosevicius, Dr. Kirkutis, Brian Clement, Joyce Oliveto, Steve Meyerowitz and Viktoras Kulvinskas.

9/22/2012: At 08:00, our final journey began to Kruopiai, where Ann Wigmore was born and worked before her departure to the USA. Upon arrival at 12:00 by coach, we all assembled at St. Ann’s Church, where Ann Wigmore was baptized more than a century ago, for a commemorative Requiem Mass with the townspeople. After mass, everyone made their way by foot to the Kruopiai Town Park where the Ann Wigmore Memorial Commemoration was scheduled. Our first sight of the Ann Wigmore Monument, designed and built by Kestutis Krasauskas, was breathtaking. About four meters high (12 feet), it symbolized the life and work of Ann Wigmore as interpreted by the sculptor after he read Ann Wigmore’s first book Why Suffer. All ambassadors, the town mayor, town elders, townspeople, and guests gathered at the site. The statue was surrounded by young ladies in traditional Lithuanian folk costumes holding wreaths (pictured opposite page). The dedication ceremonies began by the blessing of the statue by the pastor of St. Ann’s church. Dedication speeches were presented by the mayor, town elder, sculptor, various ambassadors and others. After the formal ceremonies the singing and folk dancing followed. An incredible gourmet living food table was prepared by Loreta Vainius, Genute Draguniene and Janina Baniene (with high school students decorating the tables).

It is hard to describe what we all witnessed during these four days. You truly had to be there for the Ann Wigmore Commemoration and Conference, the incredible and unbelievable experience which

concluded in the Town of Kruopiai.

For those who missed this year’s opportunity, no need to worry. We are already preparing for the 2nd Annual Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference for October 2013. We will have world renowned speakers for the conference in conjunction with 2013 being the Year of Wellness, Health and Wellbeing as announced by the Lithuanian government. Our conference theme will be Nutrition and Nutritional Medicine. The 2013 event will feature a solemn burial of Ann Wigmore’s ashes as requested by Ann Wigmore’s daughter Wilma. Her ashes will be buried at the monument site in the Town of Kruopiai.

Last, but not least, the video footage of the conferences and the memorial commemoration is now available. Please donate today and gain access to this enlightening and exciting footage.

Donation will be utilized to support the 2nd Annual Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference, seminars and workshops and the translation of Ann’s books into EU languages. These funds will also go toward making a documentary film of Ann Wigmore’s life and toward future projects to honor Ann with the recognition that she deserves. Please be generous in your hearts to help us achieve our goals. We thank you in advance for your help and support.

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