Using the Sophisticated Yume Chair in a private room using our Lifegive BECOME seaweed based line for hair, skin and body feeding your body thru your skin. It’s the latest in nourishment for the scalp.

Why choose the Become Organic Signature Scalp Treatment?

This treatment helps to stimulate the circulation allowing blood to feed the follicle while BECOME Pure Love chlorophyl Serum with Broccoli Extract, algae extracts liquid oxygen feeds the scalp.

What can you expect during your experience?

We brush the hair 100 brushes and use 3 oz of wheatgrass freshly juiced wrapping the head with a hot towel and allowing the tuning forks to open the organs and relax the body to absorb all the nutrients. This signature service will take you into an oasis of relaxation as it nourishes your hair and scalp resulting in their improved overall look, texture, and health.

Ready to relax?

Call us to make an appointment. Your service will only cost you $60 and will be 30 minutes of well deserved time to devote to yourself. We are located at 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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