Sounds like a picture of health, doesn’t it? In the view of the American Medical Association (AMA) and according to the Standard American Diet (SAD)?—?I was a picture of perfect health. I thought my diet was good, consisting of chicken, fish, a little red meat, dairy, and a few salads per week. As a responsible, hard-working, high-level triathlete and businessman, I deserved that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream three times a week…ugh! At the time, I had no idea how unhealthy I was on the inside. Little did I know that the AMA, SAD, and I were all under the spell of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception). I must emphasize that during this time I had a very good spiritual and meta-physical practice, including yoga and alterative therapies.

Nature was about to give me a rude awakening. Without going into too much detail, here’s a list of some of the so-called “diseases” I was labeled with:

  1. Chronic fatigue.
  2. Depression.
  3. Sleep apnea and severe allergies.
  4. Dangerously high cholesterol (270).
  5. Digestive problems.
  6. At the time, I was living in Palo Alto, California, so my doctors were part of the Stanford University Medical System?—?one of the best in the world. The system was very helpful in analyzing the status of my body chemistry, however the solutions offered were mostly the status quo, dealing only with the symptoms and not the underlying causes and conditions. These included the all-too-common fare of pharmaceuticals and other synthetic supplements.

    Fortunately, I was awake and aware enough to listen to some of the signals and messages from nature. Stanford University had one of the finest Alternative Health Care units in the country. This was helpful, however, there is not a Hippocrates Health Institute on campus?—?yet! It really helped that I had friends who guided me to the Hippocrates lifestyle.

    Despite the fact that I first visited HHI in 1992, my first real attempt at the living foods lifestyle wasn’t until 2004. It wasn’t until I attended the Hippocrates Life Change Program in 2007 that I started to experience real internal health and wellness. My firm belief is that it requires a wholistic approach to obtain heath-creating, full-dimensional living. A great attitude and high level exercise program (including yoga) will not overcome an unnatural nutrition program.

    Today I have no signs of chronic fatigue, depression, sleep apnea, or severe allergies. My body’s cholesterol has gone from 270 to 170, just by adhering to a living foods program. The other key component for me has been systemic and digestive enzymes.

    Listed below are some of the most important beliefs that Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement have instilled in me.

    1. A pure, enzyme-rich diet, complimented by affirmative thinking and non-invasive therapies are essential elements on the path to optimum health.
    2. We are Solar Cells and the three most nutrient-dense foods are sprouts, sea vegetables, and fresh water algae.
    3. Cooking kills any life left in food.
    4. Exercise, oxygen, trace minerals, hormones, and enzymes are very important to vibrant living.
    5. Physical and emotional cleansing are key components to optimal wellness. This includes detoxing from limiting thoughts and beliefs.
    6. Alcohol is a highly toxic drug. This year I celebrated my 24th year free from alcohol.
    7. There is no separation between mind and body.
    8. I have deep gratitude for the Life Change Program that was created by Drs. Brian & Anna Maria Clement. For me, there are really only a few underlying causes and conditions of physical disease: toxemia, unhealthy stress, false beliefs, and improper nutrition. No more “dead animal flesh” for me.

      I also feel the need to emphasize that my five year journey of nutritional change has not been easy. In the long run, however, I believe the Hippocrates lifestyle is the easiest, most effective, most fulfilling way to go. When I compare the costs and benefits to the alternative?—?the “Standard Consumerism Lifestyle”?—?the choice is clear.

      On October 2, I celebrated my 50th birthday by competing in the Walt Disney World® 5K through the Magic Kingdom. Since I’ve upgraded?—?and embraced?—?what my perception of good health is, I happily finished in the top 5% in a field of 2,200 runners (many were half my “earth age”) and felt “the real lifeforce” flowing through my body & spirit. Special thanks to the Hippocrates staff for helping to take my lifeforce to a whole new level. A special thanks to Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement for their vision, passion and brilliance. The program has allowed me to be of greater service to the global family and to support the emerging paradigm of a sustainable society.

      A special note of gratitude to my Italian grandmother for “growing” such a lovely family and amazing organic garden in the 1960s. To my loving mother who inspired me to rediscover wholistic living in the 1970s. Love and gratitude to Viktoras Kulvinskas and all who have helped others to “Thrive in the 21st Century.”

      I used to think my changes were miraculous, but really I’m just a product of the Hippocrates Lifestyle. It’s just about applying “New Thought and Ancient Wisdom.”

      Life is good. Some may say I had “chronic fatigue” (and other issues), but I believe I just needed the Hippocrates Life Change Program.

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