About six years prior to my stay at Hippocrates Health Institute, I was diagnosed with a “progressive and incurable” neurological disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This illness of the central nervous system causes the body to take normal stimuli as painful in affect.

…I suffered with increasing pain and limited mobility for three years prior to the diagnosis. I entered the traditional medical system for treatments once my cluster of symptoms was given a name and a course of action. Unfortunately, the traditional treatments were nothing more than palliative care and, sadly, they only served to worsen my condition over time…

…I followed the program for 12 months, and one year later, I returned to the facility for another three-week stay. Both experiences were magnificent! The staff was attentive and helpful, the food was divine and the location could not have been better for healing. Brian and Anna Maria Clement, along with all of the other medical and hospitality staff, restored my hope…

-Maria Mooney : Middletown, New Jersey

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Pioneering the field of mind body work in the 1950s, we have accrued decades of knowledge on how this affects one’s health and happiness. Your first step in remaining young and conquering the potential for disease is your authentic embrace of your core values. Healing sparked by emotional strength empowers your immune system defenders to protect the anatomy as a whole.

Over the course of the three-week program, the transformation literally occurs before one’s eyes, as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness. Many guests stay more than three weeks in order to continue their healing process in the safe and supportive Hippocrates environment.

Embracing your authentic core values is the first step to remaining young and disease-free. The mind is powerful and can create health or dis-ease. We are here to help guide you to radiant health and a happy, mindful life.

You are made up of one hundred trillion cells. Each cell requires nutrition, stimulation, rest, hydration and a clean environment. At Hippocrates, we have mastered the process of nourishing your body so it will flourish.

A healthy body and mind is the result of a joyful, connected spirit. We believe in helping individuals understand we are all part of greater whole and that we get to lead meaningful lives of vibrant purpose.

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