Neuroscience has studied the Indian culture for evidence of turmeric’s health benefits and has discovered that there is very little Alzheimer’s among their aging population (Indians have traditionally used turmeric in much of their food.) Since becoming aware of this connection, scientists have conducted significant studies on the effects that curcuminoids have on the brain. The University of California reported that curcumin is most effective in inhibiting the formation of the protein fragments that directly produce Alzheimer’s. All other drugs being tested for Alzheimer’s were less effective than this food. After further study, they found that the low molecular weight and polar structure of curcumin allowed it to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and bind to the beta anyloid (which form the disease causing plaque). In an earlier study, the same team found that the curcuminoids contain powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are believed to ease Alzheimer’s symptoms and arthritis.

Auyurvedic medicine, some five thousand years ago, began using this food/spice for anti inflammatory purposes. Traditionally, there are some people who should avoid the excessive use of turmeric: pregnant women (as it can activate uterine contractions); people on anti-coagulant medications including aspirin (since curcumin naturally acts as an anticoagulant; and people who suffer from gallstones. After delivery, or once these other health problems are resolved, turmeric can and should be utilized. Hippocrates’ LifeGive Life One immune boosting liquid contains turmeric because of its phytonutrient benefits. We strongly suggest that those people concerned with mental acuity and memory loss consume a minimum of 1000 milligrams of Vibrant Health’s Maximized Curcuminoids. If one is engulfed in memory loss problems we would suggest the use of up to 3,000 milligrams daily. Other than the above-mentioned counter-indications, there are no known side effects from excessive consumption.

In our quest to bring you the latest findings on natural living, we advise anyone with a tumor, arthritis, rheumatism, or memory loss concern to add this food and its supplemental counterpart to your daily dietary routines. For more information on this product, please call the Hippocrates Store at 561.741.8876 ext. 124

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