Without healthy gums and strong teeth, the best that life has to offer is not possible.

Think for a moment about what life would be like without your teeth. Ask someone who has lost them and wears dentures, and you will quickly learn how miserable it is. Many foods can no longer be eaten, nothing tastes the same, and chewing can be a chore. Self-esteem drops, too: Think about trying to feel good about yourself when you have unattractive teeth or need to remove your teeth before going to bed.

Even when you have your own teeth, they may contain metals that are literally poisoning your entire body. This can affect everything from digestion to mental function to arthritic symptoms and can even provoke cancer.

We also have to be concerned with our gums. Gum disease has been linked to low birth weight babies, diabetes and especially heart disease. Understanding that the mouth is the gateway to health and well-being is essential for good health. For more than 23 years, I have treated everything from gum disease to amalgam removal to implants while creating radiant, natural-looking smiles.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, I attended Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry and received a Doctorate degree in Dentistry and a Masters Degree in Nutrition. My research centered on the role of bioflavonoids in the treatment of periodontal disease. Nutrition and complementary medicine have always been at the center of my dental practice. As an advocate of amalgam removal since long before it became a general health concern, I have never placed a single amalgam filling in anyone\’s mouth since my practice opened in 1986.

Our practice, located near Hippocrates Health Institute, offers a state of-the-art facility with an at-home atmosphere. I was the first to develop what we call a VIP suite housing a private consulting room, photography studio and a no-drill dental chair. In this relaxed and inviting environment, we get to know our patients and determine their dental concerns and expectations. Once you understand what\’s happening in your mouth and what the safest and healthiest options are, the rest is easy!

Combining non-toxic dentistry with highly effective and natural cosmetic dentistry helps to improve our health and extend and expand our physical and emotional life. We have all heard the statistics on smiling: It uses far fewer muscles than frowning and raises the body\’s endorphin levels, resulting in a happier, more content individual. When we are ashamed of our teeth and unwilling to smile, it weakens the immune system because we are not using all of our biochemistry in the best possible way.

Sometimes starting over begins with a smile. We are the only natural dental office to offer a new-smile preview. Called \”Trial Smile,\” this procedure is free. It is not a photograph it is an actual smile that we place in your mouth so you can decide if it\’s right for you. Self esteem, confidence, and the ability to laugh without being self-conscious can do wonders for your overall well- being. We invite you to try it for yourself.

I am pleased to be a part of Hippocrates Health Institute\’s Active Aging Medical Team. In the past, many of my mentors have shown that oral health affects overall health. I have also observed how increased confidence and elevated self-image enhance the ability to conquer the nemesis of health – extending life.

Dr Vincent Dolce attended Wagner College on Staten Island earning a B.S. in Biology after which he went to Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry where he received a


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