Improve mental clarity and physical stamina. Lose weight, gain muscle. Eat the cleanest raw vegan diet possible.

What happens when you combine the cleanest, organic, raw vegan diet, with the passion of a trainer and coach making waves around the internet? The much anticipated return of our Detox and Build week with Jordan David of Conscious Muscle!

Detoxing your body is a powerful way to increase your energy, improve brain function, strengthen your immune system, and heighten your overall sense of well-being. For this one week program you will be participating in the world-class therapies, lectures, and food offered at the Hippocrates Health Institute retreat center in West Palm Beach, Florida. During the week you will get to join Jordan David as he hosts daily discussions and helps you to focus on meeting your fitness goals.

Jordan David is driven athlete and compassionate animal advocate who has helped the vegan body building movement reach thousands of new audiences across social media platforms. As one of the leading influencers in the plant-based community online, he has not only achieved great visibility for vegan body building but has used his platform to support the development of an animal sanctuary with expansion plans for 2018.

Here at Hippocrates, we are proud to be a part of #teamconsciousmuscle and we welcome first time guests, as well as alumni to come and experience this week to support your health goals and connect with new friends.


Call a Program Consultant now to reserve your stay at 561-623-1002.

Accommodation Options

Royal Palm accommodations are 2 or 3 bedroom 2000 sqft luxury townhomes. Centrally located to the main buildings they are exquisitely decorated, spacious and include a VIP package. Available as Private or Shared Villas.

Poinciana accommodations are shared houses or small guest cottages offering bedrooms with in-room bathroom. Rooms have 1 or 2 beds. Private or shared rooms available at this rate.

Magnolia accommodations are shared houses offering bedrooms with a designated bathroom outside the room or a dorm style room with in- room bathroom. Rooms have 1,2 or 3 beds. Private or shared rooms available at this rate.

Moringa accommodations are shared houses offering bedrooms with bathroom located outside the room or a dormitory style with in-room bathrooms. Rooms have 1, 2,3, or 4 beds.Private or shared rooms available at this rate.