A friend of mine, who saved his life at Hippocrates in 1998, insisted I go there for one of the Thursday night Save Your Life meetings. Within two weeks, I had checked into Hippocrates and my healthy adventure began. I will never forget Enid, the friendly staff member who taxied me around in a golf cart because I was too sick to manage on my own. At first, I was reluctant to take the enemas, drink the wheatgrass and eat only vegetables; I was a meat and potatoes man! After meeting with Brian, though, I decided that I had nothing to lose, and joined in the program. At first it was hard. In fact, within a short time, I started feeling sicker because of the detoxification process. But the miracle was starting to happen…I no longer needed to take the insulin shots and my stomach was returning to normal—I had no more swelling or sores. By the second week, I felt so much better that I had completely stopped my cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes medication. I then started into a light exercise program. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! By the third week, I was walking a mile a day! Much had changed during my three weeks at Hippocrates: not only did they teach me to heal my body, but with all the counseling and therapies, they also helped me heal my mind and soul. So, not only am I now a much healthier person, I am also happier.

I was saddened to learn, after reflecting on my incredible experience at Hippocrates, that scholarship money for less fortunate people to attend the Life Change Program is very limited. That was when I went to Brian and asked him if I could help raise money for scholarships by doing the first annual Hippocrates Healthy Walk-a-thon. He readily agreed and now on April 9, 2005 we will have our first Walk—a—thon. If you would like to participate as a walker or a volunteer please contact us at (561) 626-3293. If you cannot be with us in person to walk please consider sponsoring one of our healthy walkers! I want to wish each and every one of you health and happiness and encourage you to help share it with others. So, please call us and together we can make a difference by walking for a healthier world because when you have your health, you have your happiness too.

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