Today, with the ineptness of mainstream medicine and health care creating an exodus from their ways, millions are searching for an alternative. The public’s belief that others can heal them, help them lose weight and extend their lives makes them prime targets for every new magic bullet. Marketers, sales people and corporations do not want you to know this pure and simple truth: No one can bring you health but yourself.

Unfortunately, when lethargy sets in and responsibility becomes something you heard about from your grandparents, it is unfathomable for you to consider there is no short cut to fix your ills. Free enterprise with all of its benefits also trickles down its fraud. The collapse of the economy is reflective of the collapse of your health. When you constantly expect others to clean up your mess while you are speeding down the highway with your hands off the wheel, how can you be so delusional?

We have to return to good sense and simple thought. Any process program, therapy, treatment, or philosophy that claims you do not have to participate to gain results, is a false front for some manipulative money-grubbing individual or group. From pills that extend your penis to capsules that reduce weight while you sleep, people are apparently suckers since they are not able to depend on their own good judgment. Fasting books that purport you can lose weight by drinking only water, obviously do not consider the internal mechanism that makes the body regain more weight than was lost stemming from our ancestors’ rhythms of famine and feast. Others vaguely describe diets that resemble ethnic cuisine and fabricate health claims out of mid air. There are even those who create quasi science stating that when you cook something you gain more benefit or that when you blend something, it does not oxidize and kill most of the nutrients. Walk carefully through the minefields of fabrication, innuendo, make-believe science and marketers’ sales pitches.

Contemplating your next move must be confusing. The perpetual and relentless force-fed education we have had in becoming consumers makes us susceptible. Our entire western economy would collapse if we all decided to get off the merry-go-round and go back to simple living. Our intellect, which sadly has quite often been molded by a faulty educational system, leads us to believe we are smarter today than in bygone years. Any congruent and conscious observer would challenge this idea. Sadly, much of what we have been taught limits us from thinking beyond the self-imposed borders society maintains.

“Everyone gets old and sick, as we age. We all gain weight. Losing our memory is quite natural. Nutrition has nothing to do with health and aging.” These are just a few examples of the nonsense corporate greed mongers promote. We know that you think you are an independent thinker and that none of this could possibly be true about you. Reconsider. We are all products of the consumption machine, and unconsciously shuffle through the restless, un-fulfilling world of the latest and greatest.

In this magazine, we have attempted to analyze and review many of the diets and programs popular today. Most with their fractional contribution fall far short of their promised results. We are so far off track that the starting point is a vague image that is surrealistic. The NOW seems to be so real, when in fact it lacks substance. Combining current knowledge with traditional common sense creates the formula necessary to live a pure, powerful life. There is nothing wrong with exploring ideas and philosophies, but there is something wrong when you adopt them without thoroughly understanding them. Your main objective should be to refine your intuition and instinct.

Make sure that you reflect upon what you need and experiment with diet and lifestyle only if you are not facing considerable health issues. When trying to squelch disease, you must choose a platinum level program. Hippocrates’ living food diet not only provides the most vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins and fatty acids, it also contributes the pinnacle hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals and enzymes that build immunity, anatomy, biochemistry and improve psychology. This way of life has helped thousands to save their lives, but more importantly, to improve them. The planet is similar to a microscopic cesspool assaulting even the healthiest among us. Maintaining stability and health at this time is at best difficult. This is why disease is ramped, why new disorders pop up constantly, and why the youngest among us are the most afflicted. The average person spends most of his or her time half-asleep, bouncing from work to home and believing that the level of sickness he or she feels is normal.

Worse, most people think that when you age, a gathering of forces naturally takes away vitality, health and memory. You must once again awaken the burning spirit you had from inspired times of your youth. You need to focus on that area in yourself that cannot be fooled. You must expect to live to your fullest, well into your golden years or you will bring about your own failures and eventual demise. The path back to health has been forged for you. You just have to have the self-respect and where-with-all to follow the living food lifestyle.

Vol 28 Issue 4 Page 10


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