The pain took its toll; I was only able to sleep four and a half to five hours a night. I believe this lack of sleep leas to a further deterioration of my immune system, and as a young adult I developed allergies, diverticulitis and arthritis. Sitting became almost impossible as I had a large cyst on my tailbone. I longed for relief. Around that time, I was married. Shortly thereafter, we were shocked to find out that my wife had two large tumors on her ovaries. Her options were the conventional route, but thank God she had the courage to try to heal herself.

Together we began to systematically abandon our horrible food choices and adopted a macrobiotic diet. My wife’s grapefruit sized cystic ovaries began to shrink. Eventually, we eliminated all meats, but still consumed dairy products. Six months later and without surgery, however, the doctor was amazed to find that her tumors were gone. Our problems began to increase, though, as we departed from the diet that healed my wife and began to eat lots of bread, pasta and cheese.

In my mid-fifties, when my business partner died four months from the time of a melanoma diagnosis, I became paralyzed with fear, knowing that I could be next. It was then that I began my first authentic search for something that would help me eliminate all of my chronic concerns. One day, by chance, while at the health food store, I picked up a book on raw food and went home and devoured it. Convinced that this could be my turning point, I embraced a raw food diet. Since I was a chronic sugar addict, I ate significant amounts of fruits including many dried varieties. And, in spite of these misguided choices I began to feel miraculous health benefits. Within a short time, I noticed that my chronic pain was lessening and my energy levels soared.

I still was suffering from gas, yeast problems and fungus so I continued to search for ways to refine my program, and what a blessing that was. I eventually came upon the book, Living Foods for Optimum Health by Brian Clement, the Director of Hippocrates Health Institute. I had read numerous books on living foods, yet this one made the most sense to me. I adopted the Hippocrates program, and began consuming green drinks and wheatgrass; I was slowly able to eliminate fruit. Within a short time, my arthritis, cyst, diverticulitis, and allergies were all gone. My knee and back pain were completely alleviated. Beyond this, I no longer needed the glasses that I had required since my late teens for driving, or for reading standard size print! One of the most important occurrences is that my weight dropped from an all time high of 210 pounds down to a now healthy 158. Needless to say, I feel more vibrant than ever before!

My mind became clear, and I was able to tune into guidance about life changes that I wished to make. There was also an increase in my spiritual awareness, which allowed me to connect more deeply with other people and all of creation.

During the early days of my transformation, I happened to speak with a woman who looked sad. When she told me that she was afflicted with cancer and the doctors said her case was hopeless, I responded by telling her to get over it and take responsibility. This shocked her. While I’m sure I could have been a bit more sensitive in my communication, unbeknownst to me, she took my advice and began studying and employing the living foods lifestyle. One year later, I was surprised when she ran up to me and hugged me, proclaiming that she was cancer free. She has now been cancer free for three years!

When making the correct life choices, we not only influence our future, but can spark an interest in others to do the same. Every day I am happy to be alive and more and more I want to share this message with other. I wish that everyone could experience the level of happiness that allows me to thrive!

Two of my good friends, Carin and Thomas Rhinehardt are opening a totally organic raw food café’ and juice bar in Guelph, Ontario at 22 Cardin Street. We are not only serving life-giving foods, but offering caterer and educational opportunities. With any luck, by the time you read this, Wild Organic Way (WOW) Café and juice bar will be open and ready to WOW you! So, please whenever you are in Guelph, come by to visit!Vol 24 Issue 4 page 13


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