Doctor Days
at Hippocrates Health Institute

Are you a medical doctor, physician or healthcare professional wanting to help your patients or clients to make healthy lifestyle habit changes that last?

Spring Session: May 6, 7, and 8, 2020

At Hippocrates Health Institute we want to build the bridge between alternative and allopathic medicine for humanity.  So, we welcome medical doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals to our Institute on our Doctor Days Immersion Experience as VIP Guests. Application required, Registration Fee applies for all qualified and approved professionals.

Sergey Fuzaylov, MD learned a great deal at Hippocrates Health Institute about how diet can play an important role in health and wellness. Initially he had doubts about the program, as it’s outside of the standard medical educational field of study, but after meeting guests attending the Life transformation Program and learning directly from them of their transformational health experiences, he became aware of the truth behind the effectiveness of the program.

The Doctor Days Immersion Experience Days comprise of:

  • Specific private lectures geared to Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals.
  • Full use and a tour of Hippocrates 50 acres of beautiful tropical grounds with fountains, secluded gazebos, contemplative ponds and winding pathways with beautiful sculptures to help you and guests of Hippocrates to ‘unplug’ and get back to nature.
  • Full use and a tour of Hippocrates extraordinary facilities: indoor and outdoor fitness center, health store, far infrared saunas, steam room, eight ozone pools including: Dead Sea salt, swimming, Jacuzzi and a cold plunge pool, library and many relaxation areas.
  • Enjoy our daily organic raw cuisine buffet, green drinks and wheatgrass juice.
  • Experience some our daily health lectures for guests from leading experts in the fields of nutrition, supplementation and other aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Enjoy some of our daily exercise classes available by skilled and professional staff including: yoga, stretching, strength and cardio-based, as well as qi gong, tai chi, water aerobics classes and others.
  • Additional treatments available include: blood work, Intravenous nutrition and antioxidants, laser treatments, colonics, salon (hair and nail) services, hyperbaric therapy, thermography, cranial therapy, individual and group psychotherapy sessions, counseling, wellness coaching, bio-energy treatments, Thai-yoga, deep tissue and Swedish massages, soma sessions, colon hydrotherapy and non-evasive electro-magnetic therapies. *additional fees apply

The Next Doctor Days 3-Day Immersion Experience at Hippocrates Health Institute will be taking place soon.:

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the out the form HERE.

Please Note:  Filling out the form below does not constitute registering for Doctor Days 3-Day Immersion.

Jennifer Helene is a High-Level Health & Life Coach and attended Doctor Days at Hippocrates.  She is the most senior representative of Patanjali Yoga from The Institute of Yogic Sciences from Bern, Switzerland and runs authentic Teacher Training in Florida.  She is a successful Health, Life and Ontological Coach and empowers women to be at their best.  She uses daily yoga practice to keep integrated her Mind, Body and Spirit and breathes Yoga into every area of her life.

Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A. ultimately discovered that the answers to most of life’s questions are found in nature’s power. Elaine has a Ph.D. in naturopathy (alternative medicine)-graduated with honors, a master’s degree in psychology and degrees in nutrition and communications.  She has a professional acting background and has appeared in numerous television shows and movies with the top “A” list actors and directors such as Madonna, Courtney Cox, Bruce Willis, Larry Hagman, Billy Zane, Mark Harmon, Jay Leno, Ted Danson, Patrick Duffy, John Hughes, Blake Edwards, and so many more!

Dr. Madden’s Message

“An individualized diet plan, a scientifically based supplement program, stress reduction and exercise can not only change a person’s health but it will change their life, both physically AND emotionally. With an ongoing wellness plan many health problems can be avoided, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and female hormone imbalances.”