Dr. Landrith began manifesting his dreams as a child. Through these profound experiences he became aware that our inner consciousness was directly related to our experiences in the outside world. Then, in his 20’s when he was in India on a quest to find God, he had a life-after-death experience. This spurred his interest in scientifically demonstrating that our inner universe is directly connected to the outer world. Dr. Landrith was the first to do a scientific study (later featured in the movie What the Bleep) proving that people meditating in large groups could make the outside world a better place by reducing, among other things, crime, auto accidents and suicides. His research also proved that our consciousness is “quantum-based” (beyond the time/space continuum) and is not just a phenomena produced by our physical brain.

If we are truly “quantum beings,” then why do so many of us have a difficult time manifesting our dreams? The reason for this is quite simple. Just like our ‘conscious’ mind can create realities, so can our subconscious mind. If we have doubts and fears in our subconscious then these doubts and fears are also being manifested. This explains why so many of us seem to take one step forward and at the same time, one step backward in trying to create a new life. Because we are NOT AWARE of these subconscious blocks, we keep repeating the same behavior, patterns, and mistakes over and over, sabotaging our ability to manifest our dreams.

Deepak Chopra and Bruce Lipton have both said that unless we can clear the subconscious, than energy techniques will not work very well. Dr. Landrith takes a quantum approach to manifestation by teaching people how to effortlessly create intentions and then how to “get out of the way” so that the Divine flows through them. In other words, we LET the Divine manifest what is our highest good.

Dr. Landrith combines energy techniques including EFT, Modified HeartMath, and  Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness) as a way to help us get into a higher state of consciousness by helping us clear out our subconscious fears and doubts.

These techniques can actually create an entirely new brain matrix  reflecting love, abundance, and confidence.  Love is the key — when we love more abundantly, then we attract more abundance in all areas of our life…without ever having to “try.” When we want something we are attracting lack because we do not have it. So the answer to the law of attraction is to become what we want to attract.

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