The reality is that nobody can breathe for someone else. Everyone is responsible for Driving One’s Life. Each time we do not correctly drive our body, we receive a signal that manifests itself by psychological or physiological symptoms. If we do not change our behavior, no matter how efficient and effective a treatment may be, we will continue to destroy our body. Nutripuncture is an exceptional way to help restore our energy balance, but it alone is not enough. We also need: 1. to eat the right food, 2. to drink enough pure water, 3. to think positively, 4. to speak positively, 5. to communicate correctly, 6. to be in action in a constructive mode and 7. at the same time to keep our energy balanced.

Are we always ourselves, grounded, present and aware of the role of our five senses and our masculinity or femininity? Driving One’s Life workshops are here to help you understand why you have specific issues and learn how to make the necessary changes in your behavior to help heal your body and at the same time, improve your communication. The next workshop at Hippocrates, conducted by Master Nutripuncturist from France, Jean Loup Feyolle, is being held on August 19-21, 2003.

Vol 22 Issue 2 Page 6


Don Ear-Obics?