In August 2011 I was hospitalized with numbness ascending from my feet to mid back, affecting my ability to walk normally. I was having difficulty breathing or feeling internally. I had lost the ability to run, bike, swim, ski and wear heels. I was released from the hospital and told nothing was wrong because my MRI was normal.  My testing did continue and so did my symptoms, by now I was barely making it through the day—especially when it came to climbing stairs. Airline travel and extreme heat are also issues because they trigger intense symptoms.

I did seek and receive excellent psychological care that led me to seek a second opinion. This occurred in January 2012, which led to yet another MRI, confirming thoracic lesions. Then there was a spinal tap the following month. This led me to seeing a fourth neurologist and a lot more testing with high dose steroid infusion. March 2012 I was given a diagnosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

The steroids alleviated 90% of my symptoms but my feet continued to stay numb and I began to have issues with my blood sugar and blood pressure. This continued for the next three months. I started physical therapy to regain strength and started wearing dorsa-flexion braces to regain some normal walking.

I was encouraged to start drug therapy. I had been adamantly opposed to this approach, but started to consider it because I felt that I could no longer work or live the life I wanted.  I expected that my symptoms would have me wheelchair bound, in need of care, losing my house and going on permanent disability. In October 2013, I attended the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice Symposium in New York with my husband to make a decision about drug therapy. At the same time I was seeking holistic intervention/treatment options.

I have been immersed in the integrative/holistic community since the year 2000; I have been a certified holistic nurse since 2003.  I have had many people in this community care for me and advise me, and this is how I came to know about Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) and eventually make the decision to attend their three-week Life Transformation Program.

I stopped eating meat in the late 1990s. I have been gluten free since 2000. In January 2013, I went salt free and what I thought was sugar free.  I have had chiropractic and acupuncture care since 1993. I have used medical massages for fibromyalgia since my 20s. In my 30s I have been treated by friends (holistic nurses) and practitioners in fields of ‘M’ technique, Reiki, aromatherapy, music therapy, guided imagery, Mindful Bases Stress Reduction, and Prayer,  just to name a few.

We PRAYED.  I am Christian and do believe in God’s Healing Power.  God had a plan. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work witin us Ephesians 3:20.  God gave me the strength to ask for what I needed. I took a leave of absence of work with the blind faith that the money and help would work out. As we prayed, the money and help we needed came, unexpected checks arrived and unexpected people gave us gifts.

Through the help of family, friends and my work and church community, in December 2013 I arrived at Hippocrates Health Institute. I knew that it was God’s plan and He would be in charge.  I prayed for my trip, that I would have the perfect room, roommates, and that I would learn and heal from my health challenge so that God could use me.  I arrived in Florida, anxious and relieved at the same time.  I have never been away for three weeks.  There were so many things going on at home.  I had made plans with my family and friends that I would cut off all communication and that my husband Ken would be my only link. This was time to immerse myself in healing.

Life at Hippocrates…what can I say…it is an oasis.

It is a place of learning and experiencing and an opportunity to heal. You are cared for and educated. You are given the opportunity to heal body, mind and spirit. I have told many people and especially my holistic nursing community that Hippocrates is a culmination of my integrative/holistic education. I treasured the time to practice what I have preached to others about living a more holistic and nourishing life. It is a lifetime commitment.

I was so fortunate that several of that roommates and friends I made during the three weeks live local and we keep in touch to support each other. I have always tried to “build my community,” that would support my health and healing, and Hippocrates is now a big part of that community.

Nine days after my immersion at Hippocrates I was getting a massage and realized that some feeling in my feet had returned.  Well, that was the start to a happy healthy drug free life. By the time I returned to New Jersey, I had about 85% resolution of my most troubling MS symptoms. Additionally, my teeth were whiter, my hair less gray, my skin clear of acne and dark patches, my muscle tone was better than in high school and I lost 14 lbs in four weeks.

These are just a few of the benefits that the Hippocrates diet and lifestyle have provided me; I feel healthier than ever. I was even able to wear heels for Christmas and able to exercise (Jazzercise) without dorsa-flexion braces. Several other health challenges have been resolved, too!

By January 2015 at my sixth Neurologist, I was in FULL REMISSION. 

I have been blessed to find a neurologist who believes in me, and my lifestyle.  He prays for his patient and has a Naturopath on staff to support my lifestyle and monitor my supplements and blood work.  He believes that one’s faith in God is most powerful and faith in your treatment choice (vegan life for me) to heal.

In 2015 I have flown, skied, bike and swam symptom free, all of which previously triggered my MS symptoms. I have felt the blessing of new experiences like surfing.  What an amazing experience to ride a wave. It took core strength to balance on the board, which reminded me of how far I have come. I am in better shape then when I played varsity soccer in high school. I have gone from a size 8 in clothes to a size 0.  My prayers continued to be answer with a clean brain MRI in April (there had been a brain lesion that was found right after coming home in January). All things are possible through God.

I believe my remission is truly God’s blessing and without my faith in his plan it would not have happened. He works on me daily.  I am happy for all the days I FEEL my feet touch the ground. I can now work as a nurse doing what I love and living a healthy life. I live in His grace.  My prayer is that you would make this choice also. God gave me this body and I am responsible for it. I live each day the best I can. I continue to build a community of support spiritually, medically, physically and emotional including family, friends, doctors, healers and prayer worriers.

I, and many others, have found Hippocrates as a last resort, when treatment options were exhausted or life not being lived due to a health challenge.  I urge that Hippocrates not be a last resort but a first choice; learn to live life so that you do not develop a health challenge by preventing disease.

I am thankful to be able to find strength to live my best life and have the continued support of Hippocrates.

I am so happy to be able to live drug free.

I am inspired by others and hope that I have inspired you to choose a happy healthy life. God Bless and know that I am praying for all those who read this.


Kimberly German Recovery Story
Relapsing-Remitting MS


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