“Enzyme’ is the most promising word in research today. Today many researchers are convinced that virtually all disease can be traced to missing or faulty enzymes.” Today’s Health, American Medical Association, (1962)

“In the near future, substantial development in pharmacology and therapeutics can be expected of enzymes”. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemical Pharmacology (1994)

“I will never eat another meal without taking a plant enzyme supplement. My body doesn’t deserve that treatment.” Dr. Dick Couey, Professor of Physiology and Nutrition at Baylor University.

Within this decade we will see enzymes added to the RDA list as well as we can expect at the better restaurants to see enzymatic/herbal seasonings sitting next to the sea salt and organic red pepper mills. The genetic therapy will become properly tailored by oral enzymatic supplementation, as well as enzymatic nutrition, geared to move one toward rapid recovery.

Over the years, scientists have wondered why some people have survived and others have died. Finally, thanks to advances of science and technology it has become clear that most people succumb to ailment and accelerated aging due to weakened immune systems. The immune system function is to fight off all foreign invaders in the body such as viruses, carcinogens, radiation, bacteria and all foreign chemicals. It relies almost totally on enzymes to do this job. A weakened immune system has a diminished volume of enzymes due to high stress on the system by all the chemicals and microbes as well as due to diets lacking in enzymes.

We get our enzymes from food and the body takes them and changes them into well over 3,000 unique enzymes needed for metabolic, immune and digestive functions. The highest source of food enzymes are soaked seeds, nuts and grains, and fermented fresh produce.

In a healthy GI tract there can be over 3 pounds of friendly bacteria, which is about 20 times more than the total number of body cells. The friendly bacteria inside our GI track can be a major daily creator of surplus enzymes, just as much as the dietary intake of food born enzymes. If you cook or pasteurize you destroy the enzymes at temperatures as low as 115 degrees Fahrenheit so you must obtain enzymes from raw foods or unpasteurized fermented products or from supplements of enzymes and/or friendly bacteria. Sad to say, most of the dietary intake is either cooked or processed, so most people get very few enzymes in their diet.

When you are young you have a high inheritance of enzyme concentration in all of your cells and friendly bacteria in the GE tract. As you get older the high demand for enzymes due to cooked foods, pathogenic microbes and viruses as well as chemicals, leads to more and more depletion. Tests have shown that a 70 year old has about half the enzymes of the 20 year old. The cells of the elderly have lost over 90% of the enzymes concentration as found in infants. Aging is enzyme exhaustion.

The pancreas, which produces the digestive enzymes, becomes less efficient as we get older due to reduced enzyme availability. This means two things: indigestion and reduced absorption of nutrients from food. You might have a balanced diet yet lacking the enzymes to extract the nutrients from the food, which can result in nutritional deficiency. More than any other biochemical cause, this deficiency results in weight gain. Lack of enzymes and obesity are the “Bonnie and Clyde’s” of weight regulation. Further, this imbalance causes premature aging and vulnerability to most forms of disease.

Furthermore, at our premier frontier research center, Hippocrates Health Institute, we have shown that by saturating a person with an enzymatic rich plant based diet as well as additional use of enzymes supplementation, the incurables – ranging from cancer to degenerative heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis, etc. – have been assisted in their healing.

Unlike the pharmaceutical and herbal weight loss supplements, enzymes, which have been consumed by over 20 million people in Europe, Japan and the United States, have shown great results without any side effects. Study after study has shown that consuming an enzyme rich diet with additional supplemental enzymes included can help overall health and weight management.

There are up to tens of thousands of abnormal cells floating around our bodies at all times according to Dr. Michael Williams (Immunologist and Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University). When the enzyme levels are adequate, the macrophages destroy abnormal cells or help to keep them in check. These unhealthy cells are par and parcel of additional weight.

Dr.’s Lapage and Miller showed that malignancies are just tarps for surplus, incompletely metabolized protein as well as fats. It seems that the circulatory presence of undigested fats and protein lead to interference with oxygen transport severely enough to threaten life itself. According to Nobel recipient, Dr. Otto Warburg, normal cells can mutate to malignant cells within a 48-hour period under reduced oxygen levels. The cancer cells act like a vacuum cleaner sucking up the incompletely metabolized fats and proteins putting them out of circulation and making them contain up to twenty times more protein than normal cells. Hence we can see that cancer is similar to obesity. In cancer cells the body stores surplus un-metabolized protein, and to a smaller extent fats, and in obesity, fat cells store incompletely metabolized fats. The German researchers in a two decade study showed that parallel to the mechanism of protein storage into cancer cells, these also exist in another mechanism, whereby the body stores excess protein to the basement membranes of the blood vessels which contributes to all forms of cardiovascular complications.

Much of the cancer research is directed towards strengthening the immune system. The great news is that Dr. A.E. Leskovar showed that supplementation with enzymes of human subjects increased the macrophages by 700% and the natural killer cells by 1,300%.

Let’s use the enzymes to clean up the body ecology. Research around the world has shown us that enzymes help the body work like microbes to clean up the earth. To regulate weight consume two to ten HHI-zymes to improve digestion. This may help you gain weight or to break down fat and protein to lose weight. Additionally, for the overweight, take Lipase Enzymes, which will further erode lipids. Of course the first line of defense is to consume an enzyme rich, living foods diet relying heavily on greens and sprouts and green juices which enable the body to gain the enzymes without the sugars from fruit and cooked carbohydrates. Along with exercise, this program, beyond all others, will give you the body that fits your best.

(Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S. has been involved in enzymatic nutrition for over 35 years. He has been consuming enzyme supplements with a raw food diet for over 30 years.)

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