Recovery Sleep

The processes that allow your body to learn new habits are reinforced during sleep. This is why it is so important to experience a rejuvenating sleep every night to enhance the lifestyle that you have been learning with us here at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Essentia mattresses address the 5 key elements of WholeBody recovery that allow for rejuvenation at night:

Element 1 – Wholebody Comfort

What you’ll experience with Essentia mattresses is the elimination of pressure points that can cause numbness and soreness during sleep. By eliminating this, it increases blood circulation throughout your body at night delivering more oxygen to the body and brain.

Element 2 – Optimized Sleep

Essentia mattresses quickly react to natural movements that occur during sleep allowing for less sleep interruptions. You’ll experience longer REM and nREM sleep cycles, which reenergizes the brain.

Element 3 – Proper Posture

By eliminating the negative space between your body and the mattress, Essentia mattresses relieve stress on the lumbar region and provide more support. Proper support at night can easily translate to less or no pain during the day.

Element 4 – Temperature Control

A cool environment allows your body to properly experience restorative REM and nREM sleep. Essentia natural memory foam wicks heat away from the body and allows heat to permeate through the mattress core. This is proven to keep the sleep surface at an average of 7 degrees cooler than your body’s temperature.

Element 5 – Clean Air Environment

A core element to transforming your health at Hippocrates is eliminating toxins and chemicals from your body and daily life. This should be no different while you sleep. Some mattresses can emit up to 61 chemicals while you sleep, exposing you to an unhealthy dose of toxins.

Essentia mattresses are made using organic and natural components and they’re tested for VOC’s. By sleeping on a natural mattress, your immune system won’t spend valuable time at night fighting off airborne toxins and will instead fully focus on your recovery.

Element 6 – Allergy Friendly

Eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals from your body is one way you can consciously recover your body. Sometimes there are natural, harmless substances that can interfere with your immune system: allergies.

When you are allergic to dust, mold or pollen your immune system reacts by producing an antibody to attack the allergen. If you are susceptible to allergies you may commonly experience wheezing, itching, runny nose, watery or itchy eyes and other symptoms. You may regularly wake up with a stuffy nose and not even know the reason why. It’s due to the abundance of dust mites and their feces accumulating in and on your mattress over the years.

Conventional mattresses are made using springs and fiber batting which are known as breeding and nesting grounds for dust mites. This environment is not an ideal for anyone looking to recover or enhance their life because allergies can aggravate the immune system. Since an integral part of your recovery will be ensuring you get proper rejuvenating rest at night, it only makes sense to address this issue with an easy fix.

Essentia mattresses are made using natural latex foam, which actually repels dust mites as they cannot burrow into the mattress. Moreover, Essentia mattresses have been tested for latex allergies by Robert G. Hamilton, PH.D, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It has been proven that Essentia mattresses pose no risk to a person allergic to latex, and also a person would not develop a latex allergy by sleeping on an Essentia mattress.