The life transformation program teaches you the habits to experience recovery to wholeness and an integral step to achieving wholeness occurs when you least it expect it, during sleep. This is why when you join us on campus, you will be sleeping on Essentia mattresses, the most advanced sleep solutions in the world for whole body recovery.

Your body’s most vital recovery occurs during sleep. At this time your body rejuvenates itself and allows for muscle repair, memory consolidation and the release of hormones that regulate growth and appetite. With proper sleep we wake up refreshed and ready to take on our day.

Essentia natural memory foam mattresses act as an incubator for the human body, providing the optimal environment so you can heal while you sleep.

They are the only mattresses to successfully address the 6 key elements of WholeBody recovery during sleep:

  • Wholebody Comfort
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Proper Posture
  • Temperature Control
  • Clean Air Environment
  • Allergy Friendly

When these key elements come together you experience the perfect mix of restorative REM and nREM sleep.

Bring It Home!

“I’ve been very fortunate over the last 20 years to sleep on organic bedding. My wife Dr. Anna Maria and I have had an ongoing conversation about her side of the bed being soft and my side of the bed being firm. No organic bed I found on the planet earth gave us that option. Then we found Essentia! They actually looked at our bodies, took measurements, asked us our habits and developed a mattress personalized for us. I’ve been sleeping on this now for a couple of months and all I can say is that there is no better bed I’ve slept on, that has ever invited me, made me comfortable, and slept so deeply as Essentia.”

Brian Clement

Director, Hippocrates Health Institute