There is a sleeping giant inside each of us which can be awakened through our commitment to redeveloping healthy patterns of attitude and diet. Today’s high-speed living has distanced us from our own power to self heal. We have created professions and institutions to deal with personal issues. All of which has made us more and more unhealthy. Not too long ago the family unit was our emotional support system, and the village doctor whom we all knew, had our history in their minds and understood that they could assist us in our healing, not conquer our disease on their own.

Many of us are not recovering due to our inability to let go of negative experiences from the past. This not only effects our own emotional well being which weakens the immune system and physical being, but it also gives us a license to continue to hurt ourselves through bad food choices, avoidance of exercise, etc.

Here in the Life Change Program, on a daily basis, we see recovery in progress. Those ingredients necessary for you to reach your goal of great health are abundantly clear. Before you can use these tools you must permit yourself to do a deep soul-searching and put all of your problems on the table so that you know what your mission will be. The #1 tool is to deal with the most painful memory and fear that you harbor. For many this may be the abandonment that you felt as a child from a broken or poor parental unit. For many more it is purely the neurosis that was passed down from Mom and Dad to you. Simple things, such as fear of heights, to deeper wounds, such as prejudice, are some of the strong examples that prevent us from having a full and happy life. Without question, resolving and removing the scars of these enormous life blockers will empower you to move forward into a progressive recovery. #2 is certainly those things such as poison-filled foods and lazy, inactive lifestyles. Clearly, on a structural level, non-digestible high fat, chemically ladened objects we call ‘food’ are enormous contributors to self-loathing and disease. We often justify consuming such items with the words, ‘tasty’, ‘filling’, and ‘satisfying’…to mask the lack of nourishment.

Our fascination with exercise has utterly failed, since less that 20% of the population actually engages in it. The average person thinks that strolling around the block or lifting a half gallon bottle of soda is all they need to do in the way of exercise. However, our brains, nervous system, structural, muscular and immune systems do not function optimally without both aerobic exercise and muscle-strengthening programs. The lack of real food and exercise brings us close to 80% of our physical diseases. Most of the other 20% or so is due to the first issue, of psychological disorder.

As humans, we should all strive to unveil the full potential we each contain. To unlock this we must individually become conscious about how wondrously designed our bodies and minds are. This new-found appreciation of creation’s gift will enable you to move forward with your program of rebalance, renewal and recovery, and reclaim your birth-right of health and happiness. There is no problem or disease or spiritual disconnection that cannot be remedied when you are willing to tap into the power of commitment.

This issue is dedicated to those who did!

Vol 17 Issue 3 Page 1


Emerging From The Darkroom Everyone Deserves To Feel Good