For anyone seeking a better life. blessed with health. happiness and peace of mind, recovery is The Path. To me recovery simply means re-connecting.

If you fashion yourself spiritual and seek to reconnect with your source, whatever that is perceived to be, the path may include organized religion,deep introspection, meditation and prayer.

If you are agnostic a person’s recovery involves developing those things in life that you enjoy and that serve you best; the beliefs and activities you KNOW are best for you, not on!y in the moment but over time

Regardless of your orientation it takes a clear mind, as well as a strong body and emotional support to make it. My major challenge was severe clinical depression. There are probably as many approaches to recovery from depression as there are people who suffer from it. We all have however, a ground zero from which we must start.

Three aspects of myself needed to be further developed:

  1. a body free of toxins (Candida in my case),
  2. guidance and emotional support for the development of a lealthier belief system allowing me to let go of fear based corrosive beliefs and thought patterns
  3. strong, flexible, physically fit body.
  4. Hippocrates Health Institute offers an ideal program for the recovery from the ravages of candidiasis and the attendant chronic fatigue, compromised immune system, and depression secondary to it.

    I am now on a beautiful path of recovery reconnecting to the life and people I love. My sincere hope is that the Hippocrates program will do the same for you.

    Vol 19 Issue 3 page 1


    Epstein-Barr and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus